29 Feb 2012 – Tuna galore for Clint while Pete guides 2 anglers to their first ever GTs!

Peter: The guys arrived to us at around 1 o’clock today and they were pumped to be out here and on the water. The 2 guys I had wanted to experience catching their first GT. We started off with a few practice casts in the shallows with the heavy outfits. Once the boys were ready we headed out to a ledge that was copping run out current. The first cast in we managed to catch a GT of 20 kgs it then went up from there. Every second or third cast we had a hit from a GT but couldn’t manage to stay connected. We saw somewere in between 20-30 GTs on the ledge including a few pack attacks. Just at the end of the ledge we finally managed to stay connected to another GT. Both guys managed to get a nice size fish each. Can’t wait to se what the full day has install for us.   Clint: Stoked to be back on the water again. We left the mothership with intentions of attacking GTs but boy our plans changed quickly. On our travels we came across masses of bubbling water loaded with all kinds of critters. Yellowfin, bluefin, bludgers, shark mackerel and mac tuna. They were all smashing the bait and we hooked a heap of them. For only a couple of hours fishing we had a great session it was a great start to the trip. Full day yes please bring it on.   Glanville:- We started off this arv at around 1pm and a couple of newbies to the sport of angling we had a few casts for GTs before I decided to do a little light tackle on the flats and it wasn’t long before the guys were getting stuck into the fish – redthroats, trout and a few stripeys, before all hell broke loose when a GT engulfed the small stick shad, unfortunately it didn’t last long before the reef claimed another victim…we managed a few more fish before we decided to end the day, tomorrow is going to be a cracker, stand by for some epic stories!!!!   John:- It was refreshing to be back on the water chasing fish around in our big blue office, first up we headed straight to a known GT haunt but no love, just one having a quick sniff before turning for home, there where some massive shoals of yellowfin and longtail tuna busting up but they were so concentrated on the tiny bait they were eating they refused all our offerings, frustrating!! Next we had a decent run over to our anchorage with a cracking couple of drains to fish once we were there and they didn’t disappoint as first cast the rod was bending but pulled the hooks, a couple of more fish came up and with their best efforts managed to miss all the hooks but it was an exciting way to finish the day and made sure the guys will be frothing for tomorrow!!! Bring it on

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