Black & Crab Mar Trip Report 2011

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Black & Crab Reefs March 2011

By Glanville, Nomad Pro Guide: profile page >> [/jcolumns] [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [vc_column width=”1/1″ last=”last”] [vc_column_text width=”1/1″ last=”last”] [jcolumns model=”1,3,1,3″] Reef/s: Months: [jcol/] Black & Crab Reefs March 2011 [jcol/] Duration: Trips: [jcol/] 3 weeks Drive Out Mothership [/jcolumns] [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [vc_column width=”1/1″ last=”last”] [vc_column_text width=”1/1″ last=”last”] Well charters have finally begun again for what seems like an eternity of being stuck on land and not being able to get a decent line in the water. The first charter didn’t start as we would have dreamed it and the weather was clearly not on our side we had a solid 25 knots of wind, but we went out on the water very enthusiastic to catch a bucket full of fish. The GTs seemed to have a little lock jaw and it wasn’t long before the decision was made to change to the lighter tackle which proved to be the order of the day – that is one really fantastic thing about the Bugatti/Elusive reef system, that even when the wind is blowing a solid 25knts and you would often be left at the lodge, resort, hotel or back on the live aboard twiddling your thumbs, there is always a calm spot to hide out here on the reef. We fished on the shallow coral flats and were getting stuck into shoals of bludger trevally and shark mackerel, there also seemed to be a consistent amount of Longtail Tuna in the area which kept us seriously entertained and put some good sashimi on the table. The steam back into port was a fairly pleasant one and the hopes and prayers for better weather were definitely the priority for next trip and were they answered! After welcoming a bunch of insanely keen anglers on the boat it was time to head off to the horizon, we threw the ropes and there was just enough time to get a sneak peak at the forecast for the week’s fishing to come, which left me shaking with excitement – it’s not often out on the reef that you get a report of 5-10knts variable for a week of fishing which turned out to be an absolute cracker. We woke up the next morning at the edge of a new area which I have been busting to go to but have never had a chance…what we were seeing was making me froth from the mouth…how can you think of eating breakfast when you can see shoals of fusiliers outside your kitchen window getting traumatised by what you know are hungry and not very lure intelligent GTs! Breakfast turned into a serious case of swallow now chew later and the 300HP was warmed up and ready to roll. It took us about 5 mins and we had the ever so familiar black backs emerge from the ocean behind a popper which soon turned into a frothing white mess on the surface of the ocean as a ravaging pack of angry, blood thirsty, killer GTs climbed all over one of our poppers, bent rod and the game was on…wow it had been far too long since I had been in this situation and what a great way to start off a week of charter, in about an hour and a half we managed to put 5 GTs in the boat up to 30kg and it was barely even 10am. Waking up the next morning with a glass out ocean the guys were super keen to get back out on the water and give it a go, I had barely got to my destination yet and the radio was on fire with Alex slaying GTs in the blue holes only meters from the mothership. Our arrival was pleasantly greeted with a patch of very confused fusies, then I heard a classic comment from one of our guests, “You might have to come show me how to use this thing”, as the lure flew through the air…he didn’t even get a chance to wind up the slack line before a fished crashed his dead floating lure on the surface and nearly plucked the rod from his hands, not long before a nice 28kg specimen was brought to the boat, not a bad first cast for the morning…the fish were taking full advantage of the good weather and we were in on it! It slowed down a little on the change of the tide and the beginning of the run out but it didn’t take us long to figure out why…the massive tides we were having were creating this very milky water that the fish didn’t really want to feed in but if you could find a little spot on the edge of a reef out of the current then it was game on. We had some unreal fishing this week and everything just seemed to play the game the light tackle fishing was all go and the GT fishing was some of the best I have seen there was one particular spot that stood out in my mind, the current was just lapping on this point perfectly and my guys sent their lures flying…it was if we had woken a swarm of bees, the water turned alive and everywhere you looked was GTs, all three rods bent over in an instant and the rest of the pack came to the boat for a closer look I reckon if I threw my shoe at them they would have been game to have a go…we managed to boat all 3 fish and the guys were keen to give it another go and the same result triple bending and all 3 fish came to the boat for a few happy snaps, third time round and the same thing this time we only boated 2 fish but the amount of GTs in the water was just mind blowing and the best thing about all of this is that about half a mile down the reef Pete was having the exact same action and once again the radio was on fire, my guys were all beaten up and we decided to head in for lunch and ended up going diving on a glass calm ocean that afternoon. The last day of fishing and what a memorable week it had been, I had 4 guys with me this day and they were having a competition with all kinds of interesting rules. I have never heard a fishing session get compared to a footy game but let me tell you what my stomach muscles are still recovering from the laughter, it was 2pm and we had already boated 10 GTs and a mixed bag of other species before I noticed this sexy looking spot, the guys gave it a try and that’s where it ended we had a quadruple hookup which left the guys in a scrambling mess on the deck as if they were trying to knit a jumper, we only boated 2 fish and I’m still sure the guys were scared to cast again but the siren had gone and the guys were game to go and have a little chill time on the top deck of Odyssey before we departed back for port. I’m already busting for the next charter and after missing a few opportunities on some solid fish I’m itching to get back out there. There is a 70kg fish out there waiting for us and I think my number is up!! Thanks for an awesome trip guys and look forward to seeing you again sometime soon. Til next time Glanville [divider top =”1″] [jbutton size=”small” color=”black” link=”″]Photo Gallery[/jbutton] [jbutton size=”small” color=”black” link=”″]Drive Out Trips[/jbutton] [jbutton size=”small” color=”black” link=”″]Rates&Dates[/jbutton] [jbutton size=”small” color=”black” link=”″]Facebook[/jbutton] [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column]

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