Bligh Reef 28th Sept 2012

Variety is the name of the game at Bligh!

  Glanville: The plan today was to move to a new anchorage a short hop north, then get stuck into as many species as possible, dscf0347 we started off with popping gear and got some sky rocketing mackerel straight off the bat to get the blood flowing, then up on the flats where we got the hooks stuck into a few good fish including a couple of Gts on the light gear and numerous species including some giant trout and a sneaky Mauri wrasse, we also spotted a trout right next to the boat in a couple meters of water try to eat a bluefin trevally, this thing was a monster and would have been bigger than 25kg for sure!!! The afternoon consisted of some soft plastic fishing and after being smoked a few times we managed to get some quality fish to the boat a giant Longnose Emperor near on 10kg some solid Purple Cod,  Jobfish, GTs, Flowery Cod, Chinamon and even a sneaky 15kg Mackerel in 40m of water, a great day in the water and we successfully boated a variety of fish species Matt: Today my guys and Clints were keen for only a half day session and then back to the mother ship for some lunch and relaxation. A pop first thing raised a few fish but failed to stay hooked up mainly because conditions on the shoals were a bit rough so we fished the inside for Cod, Trout and other reefies…just before lunch another pop and the guys hooked two sharks…boo.. and then raised a Doggie and finally hooked him a few cast later to then be bitten off. A bit of a troll on the way back seen the boys get smoked by a big Doggie and catch a few Rainbow Runners before lunch. Lunch was very nice. Clint: A half day session today was on the cards and the guys managed a few nice fish in the shallows, hooked a few Doggies and lost them on a shoal and got stuck into a few Spanish on the Troll..Lunch was excellent… John: First off today we tackled some critters on the light tackle and after a slow start a few Trout and a couple of nice Wrasse made there way to the boat and a few made there way to home also! Just before lunch we had a light jig and tangled with some Trout and nice sized Bigeye Trevally which made for a welcome surprise. After a nice feed we headed to some isolated reefs and tangled with a couple of GTs before a troll to finish the day produce a couple of Spanish as well as a missed doggie that tried to eat a 6kg Spanish Mackerel shortly after it was hooked, a solid day with a variety of fish!    

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