Bligh Reef 5th Oct 2012

Marlin on trolled stickbaits? You bet!

Matt: Nice day today with conditions improving so did the fishing, dropping plastics first up we managed a nice GT, Trout including a really nice Passion Fruit that got sharked under the boat and Mackeral. We than fished the shallows for Red Bass, Emperor, Trout and GTs. We hooked a GT at 35kg + in 4m of water on the light rod, believe or not he did bust us up after he realised he was hooked… surprises there! Great fun and pretty awesome to see. Later in the afternoon we drifted the 20m mark with plastics for a heap of Cod, Red Throat, Gold Spot Trevs, GTs and even a nice Wrasse. A very nice arvo and a great way to finish.
Nick: Moving anchorages today meant we had an opportunity to do a downwind troll as the wind had eased. Heading north I had Darren, Ian and Rob onboard. We had the spread out which was covering all bases, trolling the edges saw heaps of markings showing and this had to be the big dogs that busted us up yesterday so with some perseverance we did several laps in that area waiting in anticipation for the mayhem to happen. Watching little oceanic queenies jumping out of your way as you’re trolling can only mean one thing! And sure enough all of a sudden the Tiagra 30 with the Nomad Bobara 200 started tearing off and as you turn around – Marlin a 200kilo black just dancing away behind the boat tearing line off only to throw the 200gr lure into the air and off he went. Crazy action which certainly got the blood pumping! No doggie yet!….still trolling up the ledge northbound hooking Spannish and the ever surprising barracuda, the rod screamed off again – the dog had arrived and Darren managed to boat his first Doggie around 15kilos super happy. Two species he was after this trip and he managed to get both of them – Doggie and Maori Wrasse! Back to odyssey for a nice light lunch and a coffee we were out again on the flats with some good action involving Wrasse, Coral Trout and Red Throat. Dropping plastics for the last hour of the day we managed to land two nice Flowery Cod and another decent Trout around the 7-8kilo mark!  Jason: Moving north today it was defiantly nice to see the wind had dropped a bit and a chance to get out on the outside of the reef for a look. We started the day with a troll out off one of the deep ledges and it didn’t take long before the reels were screaming! Unfortunately the sharks were very friendly and we lost a few big doggies to them early. We got a few Spannish Mackerel and some big Green Jobfish on the troll. We moved into the shallows for a drift during lunch and caught a number of smaller reef species on the light gear, It was awesome drifting through the crystal clear water with all the coral in view during lunch. We dropped some plastics in the arvo for a nice Passionfruit Trout and a nice Doggie that didn’t quite make it to the boat. A quick troll in the shallows saw pack attacks from huge Barracuda and whilst unhooking them at the side of the boat bigger ones were coming up and trying to eat them!! Nice day great to see the sea calming down. Johnny: Today we went on the hunt for GARUA GT! Unfortunately we never landed him but definitely crossed paths with some largish fish. Casting poppers and stickbaits at a ledge that came up out of 80m of water kept us in suspense as there where bait balls sounding underneath us whilst a couple of Mackeral and Cuda jumped around us. By-catch for the day included Trout, Red Bass, Emperor and a small Wrasse great company and a fun day on the water, thank you Brandon and Papadom.

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