Bligh Reef Trip Report Sept & Oct 2011

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Bligh Reef Trip report Sept – Oct 2011

A selection of Daily Reports from our Nomad Guides:

[/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [vc_column width=”1/1″ last=”last”] [vc_column_text width=”1/1″ last=”last”] [jcolumns model=”1,3,1,3″] Reef/s: Months: [jcol/] Bligh Reef Sept & Oct 2011 [jcol/] Duration: Trips: [jcol/] 5 weeks Nomad Lagoon Explorer Nomad Drive Outs [/jcolumns] [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [vc_column width=”1/1″ last=”last”] [vc_column_text width=”1/1″ last=”last”] Bligh Reef is a pretty special place, it has something for every angler, as we have seen over the past 5 weeks. Whether you want to wade a sand flat and sight cast on fly to GTs, troll the outer edge for big dogtooth tuna, giant spaniards, marlin or wahoo, cast poppers for heaps of GTs or cast light tackle over a reef flat for a massive variety of species, then Bligh Reef has it all. When you look on a chart and realise that you’re only a few hundred miles from Papua New Guinea, and there’s no civilisation on the mainland for hundreds of miles, you understand why this place is special. I reckon this area has just as many fish swimming around as it did 200 years ago, and when you have sessions catching 60 GTs between 8-25kg in 4-5 hrs, or sessions getting smashed by giant dogtooth tuna, you can appreciate that this may well be true. Our trip report this month features a selection of some of the best daily reports from our guides, and is a great read. The Image gallery and slideshow are also truly spectacular, with some incredible images from the past month. The images pretty much speak for themselves.     Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 19 Oct 2011: Highlights: Released 62 GTs between 9:30am – 2pm!! Damon:- UNBELIEVABLE – is the only way to describe our day…..Our day started well in the shallows with a triple hookup on red bass, followed by a huge bustoff on a 30kg GT on the light gear. After a few more trout and bass, we decided to fish our way west and start fishing some isolated reefs back towards our evening anchorage. This turned out to be a great plan, with one of the craziest GT sessions I’ve ever seen. We arrived at the reef to catch a 20kg Spaniard on a popper on the first cast, and then all hell broke loose. I can’t recount everything, but it was literally a fish chasing every cast for the next 4 hours. Between 9:30am and 2pm we released 62 GTs ranging in size from about 8kg-22kg, as well as Spanish mackerel, barracuda, red bass and sharks. To say the fish were jumping in the boat is not an overstatement because GTs tried to jump in the boat chasing poppers on 2 occasions!! It was literally one of the most ridiculous sessions I have even witnessed, and we may never see anything like that again, but who knows!!! What a week it has been, and to finish the trip with such a crazy day fishing with guys who truly appreciated it was something we’ll never forget.     Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 12 Oct 2011: Highlights: 6 GTs before breaky – deserted beach, BBQ & evening bonfire & beer Nick:- Today started off with a bang with Stuart, Dan and Andrew keen to get stuck into some GTs first up in the morning we managed to land 6 GTs before 9am which was a cracker start to the day. Their batteries were starting to get a bit low so we decided to go and flick some light gear around the shallows which proved to be a little slow compared with yesterday. We still managed to land some decent blue fin and trout. On the way home we stumbled across a mine field of fusies getting smashed and we just hopped from bomie to bomie picking fish after fish. Our plan for the day was to head over to an island off the mainland that has a beautiful white sandy beach and was exactly what the doctor ordered after a week like this one. With a bbq on the beach and a bonfire and a beer, there’s not much more that one could ask for, what a great week out here at Bligh reef.     Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 8 Oct 2011: Highlights: GTs & a great day on the water Peter: Today we woke up to unbelievably favourable weather. Everyone was pumped for a good day on the water. We set off first thing in the morning on the search for some GTs and it wasn’t long before we managed to get right in amongst the action. We boated 6 nice size GTs before lunch and popped the hooks on many more. We also got demolished by a doggie that would have been around the 45kg mark but unfortunately weren’t able to set the hooks in the beast. With the tide starting to push in after lunch doggies were on the menu so we trolled around. Not managing to land a doggie but we caught a 12kg trout, three big Green job fish, 2 Spanish and a couple more GTs. At the end of the day we gave popper fishing 1 more crack and managed to land a GT that went 38kg, which was an awesome way to finish up!!     Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 1 Oct 2011: Highlights: GTs & Doggies, red bass, trout mackerel on & on……. John Dory:- What a magic day to be on the water the weather was cracking with hardly a ripple on the water, we started the day by trolling some lures at a very likely doggie spot and had some chaos straight up with a double hookup of GTs with one going a solid 32kg, very next pass we had a doggie of 40kg plus get airborne trying to eat our stickbait only to beaten to the bait by a 10kg GT, the morning rolled on with some more GT, trout, jobfish, and Mackerel before the afternoon session where we had red bass, Mackerel and GT packed up along this ledge that were competing with the sharks on almost every cast, non stop action today in conditions like this what more could you ask for…..     Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 24 Sept 2011: Highlights: Fly fishing mania Alex- Fly fishing mania today, starting it off with a nice jack and cod from the snags then some little trevally and queenfish. The afternoon was the most fun we found some nice little sand cays and raised quite a few GTs and teased them up nicely to smash the teaser then the fly, only to pull the hook twice but it was unreal to see the fish smashing flies in the crystal clear shore break. From there it was back to the anchorage for a few drinks and a swim at the island anchorage, I love this part of the world.     Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 19 Sept 2011: Highlights: Black Marlin, awesome fight! Clint: Man there are memorable days on the water that stick in our minds forever and today without a doubt was one of those. In the morning we headed out to gem alley where we got the big doggies yesterday and again it produced. The first pass the port side reel started to screamed off and Jamie was into a doggie which we boated that went 60 pound a great fish. We kept doing passes turning the reels several more times coming back with busted wires and lost lures there were some big fish down there brutalising our tackle. The jigs went down for one pass and Jamie was into his second doggie he was pumped. Between all this jigging and trolling we also hooked Spanish and sharkies. To mix it up it was time to pop this sexy ledge I had my eye on that went from 50 meters to 5 meters. With huge waves breaking and perfect current hitting this place went off. We got five Gts in a short time, one going 38kg which was Tom’s biggest Gt. To watch these fish hit the back of waves in crystal clear water smashing lures is a sight to remember. The same ledge also produced some nice trout, bluefin trevally and red bass. By now the boys were over the moon with the fishing they had just had, we thought how could it get better? Well it did!! After lunch the wind had died down and we thought we would go out the front to try for Marlin. We buzzed around with skirts out the back and with mac tuna boiling there was a feeling in the air that there could be a chance to raise a fish. After two passes it happened the reel screamed off at a ridiculous pace. It for sure was a marlin then all of a sudden we had slack line, we missed the fish. Bummer!! It was good to know they were in the area though and the lines straight back out there we were buzzing. I watched the skirts intently and with the sun bright on the water it happened a marlin was behind one of the skirts all lit up we had our a second shot in just 5min. I picked up speed to get the fish fired up and the Marlin was all over the skirt. It happened we were away Holy crap! Tailing walking and long runs it was a textbook marlin fight. Jamie and Tom shared the fight as they were both broken from the earlier day’s fishing. After 45min we got the beautiful beast a black marlin to the side of the boat. It was a special moment and to have the Nomad boys right there watching from the other boats was insane. All I can say is what a incredibly special day!     Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 18 Sept 2011: Highlights: Doggies! Glanville: What an unreal day on the water….we left Portland Roads early this morning and pounded our way out to the reef the guests opted for the cruisey drive out in Odyssey, once they arrived we set out fishing, we set out some troll gear hoping for maybe a couple of mackerel to start and a lucky doggie…we were not at all prepared for what was about to unfold, Dogtooth mayhem! We managed to boat 5 fish the smallest of them being 20kg and the biggest would have been 55kg, it was double hook up on every pass of this point, we had an absolute behemoth come and eat the stick bait while it was being wound in, it looked like a dolphin breaching and would have been no short of 90kg. After getting bashed around in the rough water the guys were keen to get into the calmer water, so we headed for some light tackle flats fishing and the game was on, every cast produced a bite from some sort of critter, everything you can think of and some others, trout, redbass, emperors, cod, all sorts were getting in on the action, we also were lucky enough to boat a 12kg trout, awesome effort on the reef. Can’t wait for tomorrow doggies beware!!!!!   [divider top =”1″] [jbutton size=”small” color=”black” link=”″]Photo Gallery[/jbutton] [jbutton size=”small” color=”black” link=”″]Lagoon Explorer Trips[/jbutton] [jbutton size=”small” color=”black” link=”″]Rates&Dates[/jbutton] [jbutton size=”small” color=”black” link=”″]Facebook[/jbutton] [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column]

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