Bugatti 01-06-2013

Chad – Awesome day out on the reef today, right off the bat we were into some very nice GTs and it carried on all morning. We were fishing West of the anchorage in a very sheltered part of the reef with bombies dotted everywhere, conditions were perfect. In the afternoon we heading into one of the blue holes which produced a couple more very nice sized GTs. Nearing the end of the afternoon we found a sheltered bay in the blue hole, with a bombie situated just on the western part, boom a massive hit, the fish headed straight  for his burrow, strait away I knew this was a good sized reef fish, manoeuvring the boat a full 360 around the bombie, we eventually evicted him from his burrow, the fight was on once again and we slowly got the fish to the surface, a massive moari wrasse approximately 18kg. This made our guest’s day, he was so overwhelmed buy this incredible creature, a couple of photos and we released him, high fives all round. A good day was had by all and we headed back to the mother ship for some cold ones.


Theo – Today we started off on the light tackle. We fished some shoals in about 12 meters for trout, red bass, red throat and shark mackerel. After this we went on the hunt for GTs but it was not our day we had some good fish come up and take our lures but we did not  get one to the boat. After all that we fished with the light tackle on plastics. We landed heaps of coral trout also got a nice footballer trout and a moari wrasse that was about 3kg after all this we headed back to the main boat and hooked in to some massive GTs.


Glanville:- With a run out tide first up this morning we decided to head to the western edge and it was game on to start with and it wasn’t long before we were all smiles with a fish on the boat for everyone. We moved to the next edge and had a nice bit of current washing off the reef into the channel and it was game on straight up and we managed to puzzle a few more fish. We opted for an early lunch today to make best use of the tide and were straight back into it after lunch with a couple more fish, the later part of the afternoon was spent on the shallows catching a mixed variety of reef fish which made for a nice relaxing afternoon.


Alex- Conditions were better this morning and we were on a GT catching mission. First spot we had a few followers but no conversions. Then we opened the account with some nice GTs in a double hoopkup. When it rains it pours every few casts we were getting nailed and were quite unlucky not to convert more but we landed enough to keep the arms sore. Then we headed out wide to check out some deeper shoals but it looked more like mackerel country, 3 double hook-ups later and we were sick of the mackerel and in need for some arm burning GT action. We had a cracking afternoon session with pack attacks, missed fish, airborne takes. All the good stuff and put a few more on the board as well. The weather is turning gold tomorrow so I’m keep for some more crazy action on the GT front.

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