Bugatti 31-05-2013

Glanville:- After an interesting steam out to the reef we prepared for our day, wet weather armour and all we charged out to hunt some fish down. The morning started off better than I expected and before lunch we already had 5 GTs in the boat in some pretty ordinary conditions. After a cruisy lunch break chilled out in the confines of a sheltered lagoon we opted for a light tackle session and it wasn’t long before we had a few nice trout for dinner accompanied by a mixed bag of other species and a few solid bust off which always make it interesting, hopefully this weather gives us a breather tomorrow so we can bring out the full assault and bend some rods

Theo – Today started off with less than ideal weather, and this continued for most of the day. We started off on some nice bombies with some nice trout boated and a few red throat. After this we hit the flats with heaps of goldspot and bludger trevally on the move also a few more trout. After this we hit the blue holes we hooked a few nice fish but did not boat any. After this the wind got a bit hectic and we headed back to the boat and smashed a few good GTs off the back deck


Chad – Pretty slow start to the morning, round about 10ish we got our first fish, a nice sized spango, working some of the isolated bombies we had a sniff from a nice GT and straight after another one reefed us. The afternoon turned out to be quite productive with an array of fish from the flats. We headed out to the main channel and pulled some deep divers, found a nice patch of tuna, unfortunately no takes on the divers but we managed to get some on the light sticks, our guests were happy and we called it a day, back to base to hook some nice GTs on the back of the mother ship.


Alex- Tough day in the office today, breezy, windy and cold. But the fish were hungry, first massive rain squall that attacked us we hooked up and somehow managed to pull a nice 20kg fish out of some gnarly country in low vis, it was good. We then missed some more fish and had some lookers but no bingo. Then a warming lunch in the sun and it was flats attack.  Lots of reefies came to the party and my favourite fish was a 15kg GT on a tiny 30lb rod that we had to blast around on the shallows doing some interesting manoeuvring for 10min. The fish swam away nicely after a couple of happy snaps. We then trolled our way back to odyssey and took in the sights of the Great Barrier Reef.

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