Cairns-Bligh Adventure 17th Sept 2012

Day 2 of our Adventure trip, travelling from Cairns to Bligh Reef, and fishing some of the most remote and untouched parts of the outer Great Barrier Reef and Cape York. MATT – ..What a day! It was one the best days fishing, heading out to the reef the weather was perfect and on arrival to a nice drop off the boys started casting for GT’s, about 5 casts in a few really nice fish smashed the poppers but none connected. The tide was slowing and Glenny in the other Contender was having a troll and get smashed by doggies, even though my guys did not want to troll, I convinced them to head up and try some blind casting where the doggies were. As soon as stopped the boat and the guys put a cast out, Sailfish 5ft off the motor.!!!! After a bit of screaming and yahooing I called Glenny who was nearby and said get over here with your little skirts, and straight away he had the saily up but hooked a  yellowfin at the same time which caused a bit of dramas when trying to get it in and the Saily took off.. A few more cast and the Doggies were gone with the tide starting to turn we headed for a nice edge and tried for GT’s and bang huge fish in 5m  smashed the popper and after a  great fight it ended up being a 40kg Yellow fin tuna..CRAZY! We then  continued along with, I lost count of how many GT’s all ranging between 10kg -35kg, 1m+ Queenies, Red Bass, big Bluefin Trevs, and so many big Spanish the guys were actually crancking their poppers in so they wouldn’t catch any more, the action was madness. Went for lunch on a sand cay and what do you know, Spangled Emperor, 6kg Trout, GT’s and many other species all round it, I didn’t get to eat lunch because I was fishin but when the guys were ready for round two we headed back out. I stopped the boat grabbed a roll while the boys cast out and unreal..GT  1st cast. The next two hrs, 9 GT’s were caught and by then we had all had enough and called it a great day in paradise. Cheers, [singlepic id=965 w=320 h=240 float=none] Glanville:- what an unreal day, we blasted out to the hard line to catch the last bit of the run in tide in hope for a doggie, we got to the outside edge and the current was cranking through the channels it was on for sure, we put the lures in the water and hadn’t even made it to the drop off and the beast hound climbed on, the reel screamed away, the fish emptied half the reel before it slowed down we tussled him for a long time only to have him sharked, I dnt even want to put a weight to that fish but it was a large specimen, we pu the lures straight back in and double hook up immediately, we landed one doggie around 20kg and the other one just tore away with line and over the edge, once again lures were deployed and in no time at all we had a saily up behind the skirt and whilst the sail was having a go the other rod screamed away with a solid yellowfin and the saily followed the lure all the way back to the boat, rude!!! The tide changed and we headed to the inside edge for some gts and second cast we were on, could the morning get any better, we fished our way down this edge and the fish seemed to be getting more and more, we had plagues of redbass coming up turning the water red and between then solid trout, Gts and we also had 2 enormous wrasse come for a visit, after a solid morning the guys were keen for a rest so we took a drive to one of the nearby sand cays to have some lunch and a flick with the light gear to see if we could catch a few bluefin, lets just saying that im still finding our afternoon hard to believe, first cast Kevin hooked up to a nice GT on the loight gear which nearly spooled him but he turned his head and got him into the shallows for a pic, Bruce followed up with a solid Chinamen from the beach and after that it was game on we caught everything you can imagine from this beach, Big trout, Chinaman mauri seaperch, Gts, Bluefin all kinds of emperors, I think we caught 12 different species in the afternoon all land based and some solid fish too, we ran out of tackle at one stage and had to run back to the boat for supplies!!! What a day, oh and did I mention it was a glass out all day, cant wait for tomorrow I need the giant hound and the sailfish we missed out on this morning Clint:went to the coast today to fish some creeks for looked all the goods but for not seeing a fish at all with a perfect tide I made the call nad got out of there not to waste any more time.We fished some isolated rock reefs and the fsihng picked up we giot spanish some big queenies and a nice 10pound finger mark and throw in a couple of small gt’s .a very scenic crusey day.

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