Cairns-Bligh Adventure 18th Sept 2012

Day 3 of our Adventure trip, travelling from Cairns to Bligh Reef, and fishing some of the most remote and untouched parts of the outer Great Barrier Reef and Cape York. Glanville: Well the question has to be asked, can it possibily get better than having glass out conditions and fish going crazy eating lures…..well the answer is yes, flatter conditions than you could dream of and so many GTs they were practically climbing into the boat, triple hook up after triple hookup it was so crazy. We put a hookless ice cream on for a while and did some filming and we had a GT of about 60kg chase the lure all the way to the boat smashing it on the way and Murphy would have caught it, but the lure had no hooks on, nice one!!!, well we followed it up with a fish in the high 30kg class so we couldn’t complain with that. We never kept count of the fish we caught today but it was a fantastic day to say the least….a little Yellowfin, Doggie action in the morning followed but an incredible session on the GTs where we would have boated near on 50 fish, with a serious monster trout and bass thrown in the mix to finish the day!!!! [singlepic id=138 w=320 h=240 float=middle] Matt: I really thought yesterday was unreal but today I really couldn’t believe it, Spanish Macs to 30kg and over 40 nice GTs the biggest weighing 40kg…I was in heaven. I even caught 3 myself about 25kg while the boys took a breather. The guys also had a rest from pulling in GTs and tried some light tackle in the shallows, a few nice Wrasse, Trout to 7kg and so many big mean Red Bass and Blue fin Trevs. Weather was perfect, what a nice day to be alive.. Cheers Clint: It was a real mixed bag of fishing today. GTs, Yellowfin, Doggies the list goes on. The shallows where great also plenty of light tackle entertainment and a few big GTs in the shallows made for great action. It was really nice to be on the water with the conditions the way they were.

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