Cairns-Bligh Adventure 19th Sept 2012

Day 4 of our Adventure trip, travelling from Cairns to Bligh Reef, and fishing some of the most remote and untouched parts of the outer Great Barrier Reef and Cape York. No sign of things slowing down – it just gets hotter!! Glanville: Well there are very few words to describe the last few days, I can tell you my left hand is bruised and in pain, literally from leadering so many fish. Im guessing we would have caught 70 fish today all over 3kg, probably around 25 GTs, heaps of Red Bass, 10kg Trout, a solid Maori Wrasse, sky rocketing Spaniards up to 30kg, throw a 40kg GT in the mix, oh and did I forget we had a 60-70kg Doggie try and eat a Bluefin Trevally at the boat! We put a stick bait out to troll him up and couldn’t keep the Spaniards off it, we had a minor dilemma on our hands!!!! hahaha Crazy… no, absolutely mind blowing! You have no idea, non stop carnage, I don’t think there was 5 mins in the day when there wasn’t anything coming up on a lure my throat is actually a little scratchy from going crazy all day and my head hurts from all the adrenaline…..surface lure fishing is the only way to fish!!!! We had packs of Red Bass coming up on poppers, 30 at a time, 8kg trout getting airborne on poppers we even had a Flowery Cod do a half hearted attempt at thinking it was a mackerel and launching on a popper in hope it would be the first to get the lure before the masses of fish attacked it, been fortunate enough to see some crazy stuff but these past few days have been something to remember!!!!!! Matt: Oh yeah I love when a plan comes together, headed over to a spot to fish the last of the run in and only about 6 cast in Scott had a GT estimated at 50kg+ absolutely smash him and nearly bring him to tears, after a quick re-rig we were back in to it with a double hook up…screaming Stellas going off, we boated one nice GT at 20kg and a doggie at 30kg in 7m of water…????CRAZY.  The day continued with double hook-ups and to many GTs to keep count.. the biggest today went  40kg. I cannot believe some the fish the boys missed as well..MASSIVE..MASSIVE..MASSIVE. The fish were like 50kg submarines breaking the surface. Not to mention the Red Bass..get out of here! So many big mean Bass stealing poppers away from the GTs..WHAT!.. any way we finished the day with Spanish Macks, another Doggie on the popper and some Big Eye Trevs as well as more GTs…..I love this stuff! Bring on tomorrow..Cheers John: Well the guys where keen to have a chase a doggie this morning so we decided to deploy a stickbait and a skirt and troll the dropoff, after a couple of hits from mackerel and cuda the stickbait got demolished in a ball of whitewater and an epic battle ensued that took a husband and wife team to bring the large hound to the kennel, what a sight to see as near on 80kg of dogtooth needing 3 people to hold onto for a picture across the back of the dory, wow !!!  The flats where full of GTs cruising and while light tackle casting they made there presence felt with fish up to 20kg coming along at regular intervals making for some exciting fishing, to finish the day off we had pack attacks of Chinaman and actually teasing them up like Sailfish and pitching a stickbait back for the hook ups, how good is fishing up north!! Clint: We went for a troll first up  today and there where plenty of solid Yellowfin around that wanted to eat our skirts it was a good start to the morning. The guys had never jigged before so i gave them a taste of what it was like, unfortunately they never managed to get anything to the boat. The fish they  hooked where all huge and just done the boys in the bottom most of which where doggies. The rest of the day they wanted to chase GTs, we caught a heap and saw many more. Throwing in a couple of big Cod and Blue Fin.  

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