Cairns-Bligh Adventure 20th Sept 2012

Day 5 of our Adventure trip, travelling from Cairns to Bligh Reef, and fishing some of the most remote and untouched parts of the outer Great Barrier Reef and Cape York. No sign of things slowing down – it just gets hotter!!   Glanville: We started off this morning with a little breeze and we decided to go give the hounds a shot  on the run in tide we never saw any dogs but caught our fair share of Spaniards, dsc_0904 I think that was half the problem too many Mackerel!!! We also managed to sneak a nice Dolphin fish into the fish hatch for dinner which is going to go down a treat, the rest of the day was extremely cruisy but there was no shortage of action, my guys were a little torn from the past few days and wanted to do some fishing which required minimal effort, so I snuck us onto the shallows and we got stuck into a mixed variety of fish before it all happened, we had a Wrasse come and clearly eat one of the stick shads off the surface then dart straight towards the boat and eat another, after some extreme excitement and a little double bending action we managed to boat the 30kg Wrasse which sucked down both lures!!! after a chilled lunch break we started fishing our way back to the boat getting the rods bent on all the usual suspects, we somehow managed to boat some big Longnose and some giant Trout on the light gear too, it was late this arvo and I stopped at this sexy looking piece of flat for our last shot at a few fish, straight away first cast we had a 35kg Wrasse swallow the Onduspoon at the boat and charge off in to a cave, lure #1 for this spot. I hadn’t finished rigging that and another Wrasse had destroyed one of the guys Lure #2. We got some new lures on and back into action and Ed  had another Wrasse which would have gone 40kg suck his little popper off the surface which resulted in screaming drag and Ed nearly lying on his back when the Wrasse made it home, lure #3…I thought to myself how many more of these creatures live here, I commenced rigging while the guys had a drink break and once we had all 3 lures ready to go the guys casted, straight away double bending both fish mowed the lures off the surface and both were around 25-30kg, lure #4 and lure #5….to cut a long story short after losing 10 lures in less than an hour it is fair to say I lost my sense of humour and tied a popper on a GT rod with a very long 200lb leader and a monster sipped it off the surface nearly pulled me off the boat and yes that was lure #11 and the end of the day for us, anyone got any ideas how to land Mr Blue face. Matt: A day on the sand cay… wind was blowing a little bit today so I decided to get out of the wind and spend a bit of time sight fishing from the cay but before we got there we ran a spread of lures just on the outside edge and managed a 25kg yellow fin straight up, a few mackeral and got done in by a big doggie and missed several others, conditions weren’t the best out there but we had one drop with a jig on some bait and bang..Doggie..after releasing him we went to the cay, what a magical place. We caught 20kg GT’s that were cruising 15ft off the shore 5kg long Nose Emperor, two nice Rass, Chinaman, Bluefin Trevs.. I could not believe the GT I spotted cruising the shallows today, it would have been around that 50kg mark just on the sand..I yelled so loud to the boys who were a hundred meters down the cay to get up here, the fish was only moving really slow and had a mate with it about 20kg. I cast a big stick bait at him to tease him in until the boys arrived and man did it want it, the beast charged in a hundred miles an hour and I just pulled it out of its way in time. Stan then put a cast in and the fish went in a different direction just out of casting range. It was a great day on the Cay and on the way back to the mother ship we had a few throws and the guys produced a few nice GT’s, Red Bass and lost two more great fish, one breaking the assist hook cord after a 10min battle…you win some and you lose plenty….Cheers Clint: We hung pretty close to the mothership today as it was a little bit windier.we started off pooping a few ledges and got a mixed bag of fish Gt,s trout and red bass.After that we had a troll and missed some nice fish though managed to get a few was back to popping again with a few more gt’s and missed a good size maurie wrasse .the guys seemed pretty exhausted from the previous days fishing and after a pretty chilled light tackle session picking up fish here and there they called it a early day. John: Mad mission today hunting a dogtooth after yesterday heroics, the surface lures where deployed and we sat back waiting for the doggies to attack and attack they did with multiple fish crashing the lures b  ut none staying hooked for very long unfortunately, the rest of the day was spent playing in the shallows and a steady run of reefies found there way to the boat with cod, red bass, trout, and emperors the mainstay, to finish off we had a mad session of red bass and scotty captured another nice wrasse of about 16kg, nice day at the office      

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