Cairns-Bligh Adventure 22nd Sept 2012



Matt: Another day and a bit windy so we decided to stay on the inside of the reef and try the shallows and jig a few deep channels. Well the channels provided so much action that it was impossible to keep up. We had hook ups left right and centre, bust offs, big Trout, a thousand Big Eye Trevs, I got one Big Eye on the jig and when I was bringing him up the school followed, it looked like a bommie was coming up from the bottom. We Smashed about 6 GTs in the shallows and the best was 35kg in 1m of water and he screamed for the deep channel, there were a lot of tense moments as he went from a bad area to a crazy filled area of bommies, by some miracle we got him. Red Bass, Gold Spot Trevs  and few big Cod also kept the boys amused..Cheers   Glanville: The plan today was to catch BIG fish on poppers, we got half the way there….. we boated about 5 GTs and a bunch of miscellaneous creatures straight up in the morning before we found what we were looking for, drifting in the shallows Graham had a 30kg Wrasse tear drag off his reel and straight into the reef, all over before it began, a little frustrated we rigged up and continued fishing, moments later we spotted a GT  cruising the sandy flats only meters away from a sand cay which would have gone 50kg for sure! It was actually a sight to see such a giant cruising in such shallow water with its back out of the water!!! We persevered through the monster Barracuda, Trout, Redbass to name a few, in search for the giant GT or Wrasse. Before lunch we had a Wrasse come up and destroy a popper and after some extreme driving and some superb angling we had a wrasse near the boat over sandy bottom I got so excited I thought we had him, the fish would have gone near 60kg possibly bigger and everyone on the boat was in disbelief at the size of the wrasse swimming just beneath the boat tiring out but unfortunately it had one last breath and somehow screamed just enough line off to fit into a bommie smaller than the fish itself very unfortunate and so unlucky. I was so shattered I had to take a 15min break as I was shaking so bad I couldn’t tie another FG knot let alone rig another lure, mortified, we continued the venture and got a few quality GTs up to 30kg but we were still hunting the beast. We once again had him come up, a GT around 40kg which had 3 goes at the popper before he lost interest and somehow never hooked up….yes there was still one more and painfully it ate the small splasher on the light gear in a 1m of water a GT around 45kg which charged off onto the shallows and after some chasing, some reel screaming and a lot of excitement he found a bommie and beat us… eventful day which resulted in a fair amount of tackle loss and some great fish caught but the beast remains….there is still tomorrow, look out I want revenge!!!!!   Clint: The morning started of well as we trolled skirts for big fish.I the distance a small black marlin free jump and it was not before to long it found our lure and with a couple of screaming runs and porposing jumps the hooks pulled.not so long after that we hooked two big Yellowfin and it was a double hookup but it did not take long for the sharks to find them and both tuna got eaten. After that we did some popping on the outside ledges and  and they where full of life GTs, Trout, Red Bass all eating our lures it was great action in the clear water in the back of waves. To finish the day we did some flats stuff and there was plenty of shallow water action to be had.

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