Claremont Isles 10th Oct 2012

Quadruple bending fly fishing permit catching, GT popping, Queenfish MAYHEM!

Matt: Today would have to be one of the best sessions on a sand cay I have ever seen, we had 4 of us fly fishing in my group and four in Pete’s group and all of us had an absolute ball with quad hook ups common to GTs, Gold Spot Trevs, Queen Fish and big Golden Trevs. I would cast a fly at a cruising GT, hook up and then the other boys would cast at his mates once I brought him in closer..insane action and with four good fish on at the same time you can imagine the screaming reels and all of us screaming, laughing and running all over the place. We had sharks swimming around us, Massive Sting Rays and Turtles every where. The weather was perfect and crystal clear water, days like today are what us fisherman live for. Other species that were also caught off the Cay included Spanish Mackeral, Permit, Barracuda and Tea Leaf Trevs all on Fly.. This is defiantly a fisherman’s paradise but if you love Fly Fishing..oh what a spot! It was hard to leave the fish biting but I guess theirs always tomorrow…. Can’t wait!   Peter: Yet again another fantastic day on the flats. With the light wind, clear water and good sunlight it truly was all the right ingredients for an awesome days fly fishing. Just to add on top of all the right variables there were also a shit load of fish cruising the flats everywhere. From big packs of Golden Trevally, GTs, Queenies and Gold Spot Trevs. To your individual Permit swimming through. We had Matts boys with us on this 2 mile long sand cay and every direction you looked one of the boys were onto a fish, There was one occasion were I saw 5 fly anglers all hooked up to a fish somewhere on the sand cay at the same time. This action was constant on the incoming tide from 11am-5pm.  Awesome fishing cant wait to explore a different flat tomorrow and the truth is we haven’t even fished a pin prick of the massive systems out here. You really could spend weeks around this area just exploring what these flats have to offer.   Damon: We headed to the outer reef today, and the incredible blue and clear water , and colours of the outer reef were there to greet us. First cast with the teaser, and the GTs came to play. We then moved into the shallows to try for some Red Bass and Coral Trout on the fly. This was seriously good fun, with a stream of 4-8kg Red Bass and 5-10kg Coral Trout coming to eat the flies. The teaser popper was getting demolished all morning, and the fish were taking a serious toll on fly lines, hands and flies. The guys lost a lot more than they landed, but a 7kg Red Bass on fly in shallow water and nasty country was the best fish landed. There were loads of Bluefin and all sorts of Emperors and other critters on reef flat as well. After lunch we moved to the outer edge of the reef and deep dredged some big flies. This was incredibly successful in terms of hooking big fish, but we did not get one fish anywhere near the boat for a photo. I think we hooked about 14 big fish that just freight trained the other way, some biting through the light wire tippet, and some just burying us in the reef. All this even with an 18 weight fly outfit in action!! All up, we saw a lot of fish for the day, and had a lot of fun.   Nick: On route to the outside edge today we were looking to get the boys stuck into some fish on the casting outfits. As we approached the ledge I was shocked at the abundance of bait in the area. We managed to travel around five miles today and there was continous bait and action on a one way trip down the ledge. GTs, Doggies, Spanish and so many other species made it into the runnings today. The guys had worked really hard today casting where almost every cast was yielding and follow or a strike. Mad action all day meant that trolling for a Marlin with our skip bait prepared earlier was going to happen sooner than we expected. The skipping Queenie looked really good but unfortunately wasn’t able to raise the marlin we were after. Looking forward to getting out on the flats tomorrow and slaying the fish on the fly……    

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