Claremont Isles 11th Oct 2012

Prawns and beers watching the sunset over Cape York? Don’t worry, there is some ridiculous fishing in-between the cliches!

  Damon: We headed straight for a huge sand cay and flat today, and the guys were into fish straight up. Casting flies out over the sandy ledges around the spit, saw plenty of 4-6kg Golden Trevally, GTs, Spangled Emperor, Brassy Trevally, some big Queenfish and plenty of other species. The highlight of the day was a 10kg Cobia caught sight casting off the beach to a Manta Ray that cruised past the point – simply incredible. We spent most of the day on this reef flat, with the guys catching fish all day long. We finished the day with fresh prawns and beers on the beach while watching the sun set over Cape York! Quite special. Peter: Yet again another great day, I swapped boats today to take the film crew out on the outside edge to have a play with conventional gear. We fished the run out tide in the morning hoping to see some GTs but the first 2 hours seemed to be a little tougher than anticipated. In saying that we boated a couple of nice sized Spanish and had a lit up sail fish charge in on the stick bait. It was safe to say the slow period stopped after 10’oclock though. We fished a reefs edge further to the south with the remainder of the run out and had solid action on monster Trout and Red Bass. After lunch we spent the rest of the day in the shallows and it was going absolutely ballistic. We must have boated over 30 Red Bass, 15 big Trout and had heaps of other action from Maori Wrasse, Blue Fin Trevally, Flowery Cod, GTs and other reef species. There was a stage when we stopped the boat in a spot for around an hour and there were fish feeding all around the boat on our lures. Every cast had swarms of fish chasing the lures, it was truly like an aquarium. Awesome day out on the water!!   Nick: Had the fly guys today and we were off to walk on a sand cay a few miles south of the anchorage. We were there a little early but there were plenty of small Queenies and GTs around to keep everyone entertained for a couple of hours. As the tides started to push there were fish starting to move in on the cay. I was standing on the edge with Bill when a 150kilo ray cruised over the flats in half a meter of water and there were 7 dark shapes shadowing it – nice Cobia! Casting the popper at them they were smashing it, Bill got his fly in there and they screamed up onto the flats and mowed his fly down. Epic fish to get off the sand cay I’m not sure that happens every day. Not long after that the guys were getting stuck into some good Golden Trevally around the 7 kilo mark. We had to make a move to the next cay before the wind picked up, the fishing was a little slow at the new anchorage but a good day was had by all in-between.  

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