David Moore’s Claremont Isles Trip Report Oct 2015

Hi Claire,   The fishing was a bit slow – have to blame that on the wind and tide – but we worked hard and adapted to conditions and in the end we caught some great fish employing soft plastics, trolling and swim baits to get ourselves hooked up. I had a 50kg Yellow Fin at the boat going crazy. Its a pity that the Sharks got him, it had been a mighty contest on my Tuna Sniper 4500 gear. I popped and boated a few good GTs too. As the moon came up later in the week the GTs became more eager rather than simply curious. My best was 20kg in a dark stealth livery with silver flashes. A really strong fish popped on the ever reliable Cubera 120.   The management of the Odyssey and the crew was, as always, first class. I think having a female on board is always a good thing and Janine was really great in keeping the state room and living quarters in good condition. The guides Andrew, Lee and Declan are all young but really worked hard to get us into some current and some bait pods and always reacted well to suggestions of changes to location or mode (http://www.gamesreviews.com ). Declan taught me to use soft plastics and the two of us went fish for fish one afternoon when we had one of the boats to ourselves. Great fun!   What really makes a good trip is the guests. I met my shipmate Michael Cobb on board for the 6th time. He celebrated his 30th trip. What a class popper. I like following him in with a swim bait. He stirs up the action and my swim bait goes down to look for takers. By the way Damon and team are to be congratulated on the new Nomad lures. The new Fusilier is a proven bait in both large and small sizes. Back to the guests. The WA mafia Dave, Pete, Stu and Derek were great shipmates. Brian, the retired Pharmacist from Gippsland Vic, developed a new theory of fishing, “get it into the water and turn the handle”. Several times I took a lesson from him in perseverance. He probably out fished most of us for the week. Except for Ernie. Now that bloke is energetic. He explored new techniques with the big Fusie swim bait. Fast and slow retrieves for a variety of species. And of course Jonno, the Fireman from Melbourne. he boated some good fish for a first timer. Pity the Shark got your big Mackie. Mate we only count whole ones. What a good job the Firies do too, so it was good to see you on the boat and away from the dangers that are your life’s chosen occupation. This was one of the best boat load of guys I have fished with on the Odyssey.   Now what about Andy our Captain and Engineer? No need to worry about getting home, he can fix anything and handle any situation. I saw him one day making one starter motor out of two that were “blown”. Mate you are indispensable. Sorry Paul, did not mean to forget you. you kept us well fed and always kept the Galley clean and tidy. Mate, easy on the Spanish onion. I should mention that Andy fixed the dish washer. The last time my wife’s dishwasher stopped I was quoted $750 for a new mother board or $850 for a new dishwasher. Andy, next time I could fly you to Sydney and put you up for the weekend and save on the deal.   On my first Odyssey trip I took 7 rods and 7 reels. Getting them to the boat nearly killed me and cost me a small fortune in excess charges. On my next trip I will take 1 popping rod and reel PE6, 1 swim bait rod and reel PE4 and one sniping and plastics rod and reel PE4. For jigging and trolling I will use the Odyssey’s gear. And I will use all the terminals and lures supplied and fitted by the guides. I wish I had figured that out ages ago.   Thanks to all at Nomad for making it all real and an enormously fun thing to do. I will be catching fish with you whilst there is fish to catch.   Regards,   David  

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