Feb/March 2015 Daily Guides Reports – Ribbon Reefs

5/3 Andrew- Some average weather today with rain squalls and storm cells rolling through, but we braved the storm and headed out to chase some GT’s. It seemed they were a bit scared of the weather too and weren’t too keen on playing the game but we managed to get 3 to the boat and dropped 2 really nice fish, one which straightened a sj41 11/0. After that we decided to hit a light tackle session for the arvo and had some good fun with plenty mixed species a couple of lures lost and Paul nailed his biggest GT of the trip so far a 28kger on the heavy tackle in 1.5m of water which we chased about 500m over the flats. Other than the average weather it ended up being a good day with plenty of laughs and good times had. Ben – Today on Bohar with Steve and Bob it was “welcome to wet season!” Even though it poured down we still managed to get a great species count up. We mainly trolled most of the day, with a little casting light gear into shoals, bombies and birds. There was even a micro-jigging session on the top inside of No.7 Ribbon reef. Some of the main species we got today were bluefin, gold spot and giant trevally, red bass, trumpeter, mack tuna, shark mackerel, even a grinner. Some of the bigger fish landed today were a very nice 9kg coral trout, 15kg Spanish mackerel and yet another big barracuda. It was a little difficult finding fish during the rain squalls, but was still another fun day on the water on the GBR. 2/3 Andrew – Great day with awesome weather and some awesome fish caught! In the morning to see our guests off we hit a honey hole where I had seen some large fish getting around and boated a nice GT well over 30kgs plus a few smaller ones, and in the afternoon with our new guests we hit the put side edge for only 2 fish but we really made them count pulling out a Maori wrasse around 22kg and one absolute monster wrasse going a solid 35 kgs!!! What a way to start off a trip! 3/3 With run in tide first up this morning we headed to the northern channel or ribbon reef no. 8. A couple of casts in we had our first for the day a nice red bass, shortly after we we greeted by a large footballer trout. After that the tide started to slow so we headed around to the western side of the reef and first cast dan hooked up to a nice size GT around 28kg. There was loads of action here and we managed to pull a few more mid sized GT’s out and also some nice reef fish on light tackle. After lunch the weather turned a bit sour with some rain squalls around and we decided to hang quite close to the mothership and hit the light tackle again which produced some excellent fish with loads of species from GT’s and bluefin trevs to Maori wrasse, red bass, coral trout, long nose emperor and loads more.   1/3   Andrew- With 5 knots of wind this morning making the day a bit cooler I decided to make my way south into some unfished waters to see what was on offer. It wasn’t long before the tide started to run out and we had our first GT onboard and from then on they were coming over the gunnel quite regularly with a couple of horses finding there way to the reef. By lunch time we hade 11 GT’s a few weighing over 20kgs and a nice bluefin trev on board and were in need of a rest. The afternoon session kicked off quite quickly getting some nice fish out of a massive pack of bluefin harassing bait on the flats including 2 nice GT’s around 15kg. After that the boys were wrecked and we trolled the outside edge for some more bluefin trev and queenies.   Harry Today we really mixed things up alternating between popping and light tackle frequently. We saw plenty of good action doing this early on in the day. Bait was stacked on the edges and up on the flats, and the fish were on the chew. We landed 4 nice GT’s early in the piece, as well as plenty of red bass, coral trout and a couple of job fish. Over the slack tide we head to the channel entrance for some trolling and were attacked by Spanish mackerel. During the afternoon we continued mixing it up giving us a healthy catch overall for the day.   27th Andrew- What a morning! Mirror glass out this morning made for some tricky navigation but luckily there was fusiliers holding on pretty much every bombie and edge within sight so we could weave our way through. This also made for some sensational GT fishing with every patch holding at least 1 fish any by 9.30 we had boated 11 nice GTs and a boss coral trout which was the best take of the morning right near the boat, it was a great way to see our clients off but very heart breaking to have to leave these fish while they were that fired up. The afternoon session with our new crew wasn’t so crazy but in a few hours we managed to get a few nice GT’s, coral trout and a 15 kg yellow fin (on light tackle).   Harry Change over day. Out early and fishing hard, a perfect morning to be on the water. The going was tough at first but quickly heated up as the current increased and the bait rose to the surface. The crew finished their trip off with great fishing in perfect conditions. With the new crew onboard we headed out for an afternoon session on the run in tide, the boys were definitely pumped, we fished a series of ledges on the outside reef, the action was slower than the morning but the new guys pulled through and were rewarded for their efforts with a few GT’s before heading in for dinner.   28th Groundhog Day with glass out condition and bait everywhere. The GTs were fired up and willing to play ball the only question was were we up for it. By mid morning we had won a few games but lost some battles mainly with a dogtooth tuna who was harassing us at the boat this fish may have been the luckiest alive, once shaking the hook right at the boat as I was millimetres from grabbing the leader, an other time throwing the hooks while thrashing on the surface before we finally hooked him good and proper and he put us in the reef DEVO how many chances do you get?? Third time unlucky?? The rest of the day was pretty constant action raising GT every spot we stopped before the boys could not do it any more and we decided to give it away got the day and trolled out side for a mixed bag and spent some time watching a huge manta ray feeding….amazing   Harry Another awesome day on the reef mirror conditions and plenty of current we headed up the inside of the reef in search GT’s it wasn’t long till we came across some good patches of bait. Within a few casts we had our first fish in the boat, a nice sized coral trout. The GT’s played hard to get, with plenty of follows, amongst a few spectacular takes on the poppers. By lunch the boys had boated three nice GT’s and mixed bag of trout and red bass. As the tide slowed we had an epic flats session on the light gear with coral trout, coral cod, red bass and many more species boated. The highlight was seeing a large Maori wrasse take a stick shad right at the side of the boat and quickly put us into the bricks, maybe we bit off more than we could chew. After lunch we headed out the front to work the run in tide, the action was thick and fast with a huge coral trout boated weighing at 18 kg and another encounter with a massive Maori wrasse that end in the bricks again. We found some yellowfin on the way home and watched a big shark eat our prized catch right beside the boat, an epic day, with some amazing memories.       25th – Andrew- awesome day today landing a GT on the 3rd cast and getting a few mixed species until the tide slowed and we decided to change our game plan and head out the front to see what it had on offer. After a quite hour I spotted a huge flock of birds working in the distance and ventured over to see a 40kg yellow fin airborne. Shortly after the poppers were flying through the air and 2 pops they were harassed by some decent sized fin. Both anglers bending and these fin screaming off drag made for some tricky boat manoeuvring but we got both up  one going 30kg and the other going close to 40kg it’s an understatement to say the boys were stoked, never having seen yellow fin caught on surface lures it was a pretty insane sight seeing them lit up and charging down those lures they are a beautiful fish.   Harry It was. Fantastic day to be on the reef, we fished the inside bommies for the morning with the run out tide, an early appearance was made by some smallish GT’s and all 3 of the crew boated a couple of warm up fish. We made our way further up the lagoon and fished the corners of one of the reef entrances where we scored some nice trout and a Maori sea perch, what an awesome looking fish. The GT’s were more aggressive here and it was not long till we had some nice 15 to 20 kg fish under our belts. With the incoming tide we hit the outside edge, right before lunch one of the poppers was engulfed by a solid 25kg Maori wrasse and 5 minutes later another popper was smashed by a 30kg GT. We spent the afternoon working the outside edge for a good mixed bag of red bass coral trout and GT’s. All in all a great day in the office.     26th Andrew- another sweet day today with 1 fish in the boat and 8 more having a decent go before 8.30 set the bar high for the rest of the day but we managed to get a few to stick and ended up with 11 in the boat by 1.00, having such a awesome time on the yellowfin yesterday we decided to chase them again and in similar fashion first cast we were double bending landing both and weighing over 30kg the boys were pumped. The rest of the afternoon was a bit quiet but they day was already made by then!   Harry I had our American guests onboard today and I enjoyed showing them my backyard. We popped for GT’s on the inside edges this morning as both of the guys were keen to get amongst some big fish, it was a cracking morning and the GT’s were playing ball. There was bait stacked on all the ledges and the lures received plenty of attention. It wasn’t too long before our first good fish of the day was boated weighing in somewhere in the high 20’s a personal best for Stephen. On the next ledge Rich smashed his PB with an excellent GT weighing in in the early 30’s. The action continued for the rest of the tide and the boys popped till they dropped. The afternoon session started out very quiet on the outside edges, out wider we saw some big flocks of birds working and gave chase. We spent the next few hours casting light gear to yellowfin tuna plenty of action followed and the boys boated some fish to 15kg, and nearly got spooled a couple of times. Awesome fun and a day to remember.  

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