Guides Report 1 March 2012 – “Buffet of fish”!

Glanville:- We set off today with a very relaxed group of guys who wanted to bend the rods with anything that swims so I thought we would start with a few GTs!!! After a short casting lesson the game was on and in an hour of fishing we had 4 GTs to the boat and 2 guys who were already broken. We settled for a little trolling and nailed a few macks and a longtail, we then mixed it up even further and went for a sneaky peak on the flats and it prob took 2 casts and the guys were already into it, after an hour of catching trout and a mixed bag of reefies the guys opted for a lunch break. After lunch we were straight back into it and hunted the tuna for a while before I spotted this interesting piece of sand that seemed to be a highway between the reef, after a quick look and a few casts with the light gear we got stuck into our first GT on the light gear, we got him in and straight away hooked another of around 25-28kg which cleaned us up good and proper, it was an unreal stretch and for more than a mile we were continuously seeing good size GTs and chinamen on this sand area, the guys were keen for a chilled afternoon so we headed to the east edge and put 2 minnows out in search of mackerel, I experimented with this a little and took an x-rap and a 160LL Koolie minnow of very similar colour let them out the same distance and the koolie out fished the x-rap 3-1 on mackerel and got a nice GT too. Looks like that might just be my new favourite mackerel slayer!!! Peter: We set out today in the search of a couple GTs. The location we are is swamped with some awesome looking blue holes and drains. The first blue hole we went into it was on! – 2 GTs came charging towards the poppers and we managed to boat the first fish for the day in a matter of minutes and a stone throw away from the mother ship. We managed to pick up a couple more in a drain and blue hole before venturing out to the outside edge. We hit an awesome looking ledge and managed to catch another couple before the tide turned. With the change of the tide and the boys feeling a little sore we went into the shallows with the light gear. They thought they were going to get a break that was the worst assumption they could have made.  It was going off in the shallows with fish literally everywhere. We were sight casting at huge packs of Spangled Emperor swimming in the sandy patches at one stage. There were a huge variety of fish from Coral Trout, Emperor, Sweetlips, Wrasse, Cod, Bludger and Golden Travelley, Spanish Flag even the GTs were having a crack. It was simply mind blowing fishing!! On the way home we got stuck into the yellowfin and Longtail tuna just to put the icing on the cake. What an amazing days fishing jeez you’ve got to love it out here!!! Clint: It was a buffet of fish. We spent most of the day doing light tackle as the flats where going off. The red throat where in plague proportions and we got over 30 in the shallows with plenty 50cm fish. In the deeper water we hooked some massive things we could not stop on the soft plastics and a rare capture for these parts an 8kg Cobia was pretty cool to see get to the boat. We hooked some nice spanish also and a heap of tuna. We had a little play for GT’s but they did not want to connect to our hooks. The weather was awesome, the water alive, a great day. Tommorow I think a mission for a sailfish could be in order. John:- After a short run across some open water we pulled up to the first school of tuna and duly hooked a nice longtail, we then had to do some bombie dodging across a large bay in the next reef before pulling up for a shallow reef crossing I told the guys to cast the light tackle rods as the water looked alright ten casts later and 3 nice trout and a red throat emperor we decided to fish the shallows for the morning and didn’t that pay dividends, this was some of the most insane flats fishing I have experienced since Bligh Reef the tally was somewhere between 40 and 50 fish ranging from trout to 3kg small wrasse and some stonking spangled emperor, we even had a small trout get eaten by a large GT that we chased for 5 min before it found its freedom – exciting stuff!! Just before lunch we had a quick pop for some GT and managed 2 nice fish from 6 bites, the afternoon was much of the same with some mack tuna in the channel an awesome GT fight and capture of about 20kg in less than a meter of water  and an 18kg GT caught on the light tackle!! All in all a great day on the water!!

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