Guides Report 11th of June

Plenty of double bending!

Glanville: Back out on the water and straight in the game! We headed out this morning in search of anything with a pulse and we found slimy creatures of the sort and plenty of them… We started off with the heavy gear and managed to tame a few GTs before we decided to head off to a different area. The tide was perfect and we sent a few poppers into the mix and got cleaned up by a decent mackerel so I decided to do a troll past the edge and that’s pretty much when the fireworks went off. Every pass was a hook up and probably 70% of the time was double bending! Solid Spaniards around 15-18kg, 3 GTs, a heap of quality Gold Spots, some Shark Mackerel and even a Trout thrown into the bag. We ended the day off with a quick drift over the shallows and got stuck into a few solid Trout that are going to end up on the dinner table. A nice day of mix and match with a whole bunch of variety, looks like we might be in for a decent week of fishing… it seems as though the fish are on the chew. Peter: It was great to be back on the water today after a couple of weeks off. We departed the mother ship a little later today and ventured straight into the shallows for the start of the run in. The fishing was good with solid pieces of action in certain patches of reef. We boated all the usual reef species from Trout, Sweetlip, Stripeys, Cod, Tusk Fish and Long Toms and managed to lose a couple of GTs to the reef. We then set of on the hunt for a GT! We managed to boat our first fish after seeing a heap and getting blown away three times. We managed to land three good size GTs and a cracker Gold Spot Trevally during our popper session. All in all a great way to start the week! Clint: First day of charter and the boys where full of excitement. We hit the flats first up and they where crawling with Trout and Red Throat with plenty of double hook-ups and also a nice Maori Wrasse came to the boat! We fished for GTs for a little while and raised a handful of fish and landed one. The trolling was going off its head with Spanish marking everywhere on the sounder the first pass we got one that was a solid 25kg. We got three more to the boat of about 10kg and lost plenty more. Nice start to the week I reckon! John: After a bit of a late start to the day we managed to catch a few fish in the shallows before the tone of getting beaten up by big fish was set. Firstly a large GT smashed our little stick shad and motored 60 metres across the flats before destroying us on the reef…Bummer! Next we had a solid GT bite on a nice bommie that destroyed us in seconds. Then we went for a chase of the Tuna schools and had 2 fish pop off! Oh wait a minute!! Let’s just chalk it up to being one of those days on the water! Good thing there was still plenty of fun in-between smokings! Come on tomorrow!

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