Guides Report 12th of June

Mother Ship CHAOS!

Glanville: Well let’s just say we had an amazing day…but that isn’t all to be said. This morning actually started off very slow but that was alright because we found the beast, this thing would have been way over 50kg and possibly over 60kg it was an absolute animal of a fish which ghosted behind a popper in one of my sneaky little blue holes which has had a notorious reputation to produce giant fish. This thing was beyond words. Things continued to be slow and we changed tactics dramatically. It was a good call because things were on for young and old I don’t think the rods stopped bending from 11:30 til 5:30…Wait I lie we had a lunch break from 1:45-1:50, it was a mild case of swallow now, chew later!  And back to the game! We caught everything you could think of today and plenty of them. Starting off with GTs, Spaniards, Sharkies, Gold Spots, Trout, Red Throats, a mixed bag of allsorts on the flats, followed by a proper Tuna session! We would have caught nearly 20 tuna in 30min It was a little ridiculous! I actually feel a little sorry for the Stella 5000s on my boat they copped a proper hiding today. That wasn’t even the end we stopped at the back of the mother ship and were greeted with about 20 GTs frothing for anything that hit the water which ended up in double bending and more reels screaming! We tied up the boat and just couldn’t resist a cast the GTs were squirming under the boat like vermin creatures and a fish of around 38kg landed by Wayne who voiced some interesting grunts brought us to the end of an insane day fishing. I think I’m going to be hearing reels screaming in my sleep tonight!   Peter: We went GT fishing for last three hours of the run out this morning. We saw a few and managed to keep the hooks in two solid fish before entering into the shallows. They were red hot today catching heaps of cracker fish. After having nonstop action in the shallows we went for a troll and managed to pick up 2 clunker Spanish within 20 minutes of each other. As the day started coming to an end we chased some birds and caught heaps of Tuna and Gold Spot Trevally and missed a nice size GT that ate the lure right at the boat. As we were on our way back to the mother ship the young deck hand Jayden was telling us that there was heaps of fired up GTs at the back of the boat. So without hesitation we deployed all three poppers aiming towards the mother ship and managed to get a triple hook up! One of the fish went 33kgs and the others a little smaller. A nice way to finish a great days fishing!!!   John: With a mixed bag being the order of the day and a casual group of guys we had laid plans to catch a few GTs in the morning. Unfortunately out of a dozen or so hook-ups we only managed to land one GT and a nice Mackerel. From there we threw some skirts out at the chance we might find a sailfish but after a couple of hours and some Mack Tuna later the boys resigned to the idea of trolling up a Spaniard. The bites came thick and fast for the next few hours and surprisingly everything we put in the water got eaten by Mack Tuna, the 160 long lip Koolie Minnow couldn’t go 20m without getting eaten! We finished the day off then with a triple bending of GTs from next to the mother ship up to 27kgs! Awesome fun with a great group of guys. Clint: The GTs were chewing hard this morning with plenty of pack attacks unfortunately the boys could only manage to stick the hooks in one fish. The flats where great again with plenty of Trout and Red Throat we lost one big Chinaman that we sight casted to that decided to put his head inside a hole. Cam redeemed himself, managing to land another great Chinaman shortly after. There were plenty of Tuna busting up that where fun on the light gear. I went to one hole where I know a big 30kg Wrasse lives and he made himself present again! DAMN!! I will get him one day!    

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