Elusive Reef 15th Aug

Wednesday 15th Aug Glanville: Arriving at Marion this morning  was a comforting sight!!! We got the boats off and headed out as quick as possible…. We got to the entrance of the reef and decided to do a little trolling straight up and we hadn’t got out of the lagoon yet and we had our first doggy hooked up instantly followed by a few others, the fishing was going off and I joined up with Clint after the first half hour to find out how he had been going and he had already been cleaned up three times, the rest of the day was much the same good fishing with small quite periods to get our brains around the chaos, we were also interrupted by a pack of sails that grabbed every lure we had behind the boat and somehow never hooked up, tomorrow they better beware!!!   Peter: Rocking up to Marion this morning was a truly picturesque sight, as we drove in with the sun rising on our starboard side. The fishing was hot so we decided to troll some lures around marking and scoping out the area. We were hooking some monster Doggies that proved to be unstoppable!! We did manage to get 7 to the boat all under 20kgs and a lot of heads. The jigs were deployed after lunch and it proved to be very frustrating losing a lot of really good size fish to reef. We did manage to get one good size Doggie out though. The remaining two hours of the day was spent chasing a sailfish or a Marlin. We rose a Saily straight of the bat shortly followed by a 200 pound Blue or Black. Both of the fish had a good crack at the spread but unfortunately couldn’t stay connected. Although we did manage to get the Sail right at the end of the day. It was a big Saily and put up an awesome fight. Nice way to finish a fantastic day’s fishing!!!   Clint: Pounded by the hounds today. All I can say it was total carnage today in the first 10 minutes trolling we lost three lures to unstoppable doggies and by the end of the day my fingers were sore from retying. We ended up with 6 doggies all in the 10-15kg range but we lost a heap more the place was like a kennel of starved hounds that wanted to eat anything that came their way. We did a bit of like tackle and got some bluefin trevally and job fish. Action packed day, some serious fish swim these waters – I want!!   John: Absolutely got reamed today after a sleepless night rolling around in the ocean, lady luck was not on our side! After our first 100m trolling we had lost 2 lures and landed no fish, a 10kg doggie found its way to the boat for a photo before trolling to a new bit of ground produced many strikes but not more fish, we must have hooked at least a dozen dogtooth today that completely destroyed us. Watching a skirt get eaten in 40m of water and not being able to stop getting bricked was just not fair!!! To top it off we hooked a small marlin around 150lb which we saw and fought for 20 minutes before the hooks fell out right next to the boat only to see we had just pulled in a regurgitated doggie head, things will turn around tomorrow maybe even the weather will be somewhat close to the forecast but we can’t be too picky

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