Guides Report 15th of April

Newcomers catch the bug!

Clint: I had three anglers that were new to the world of GT fishing today.  So naturally the day started with a few simple lessons. They soon got the hang of everything, so then it was fishing time! It was not long before we started coming across fish, but the hooks were just not sticking. I pushed the boys pretty hard in the morning so they were happy to chill for a while. So out came the lighter tackle and we hit the shallows up. We found a few reef fish like Trout and Spangled Emperor, which kept the guys entertained.  After a rest they got the GT bug again, once again we were seeing plenty of fish but these all ended with missed hook ups. Well that’s fishing as they say, and now the boys are even keener to stick the hooks in a GT tomorrow! Alex: I had some GT virgins today and they were very keen to get stuck into some fish. During the casting lesson at the start of the day one fish came up for a look and the guys were jumping with enthusiasm. We found a nice string of bommies and nearly every one had a fish on it. We lost a few fish before the first one was brought into the boat, needless to say quite a few happy snaps and high 5s followed. We saw heaps of fish and managed to boat our fair share which was good. The GT bug had well and truly bitten these guys and it was good to see each one of them crack the first GT. Now it’s onto bigger fish and bigger smiles. Bring tomorrow on for another pearler day on the water. Peter: We departed the mothership today around 10am with 2 hours of the run out tide left. We decided to get some practice in for GTs for an hour before the run in tide began. Much to the guys amusement we managed to hook a fish first cast. We then ventured on into the shallows and had some good action for about 2 hours. We found ourselves in amongst a huge variety of fish from Trout, Red Throat, Spangled Emperor, Cod, Trevally, Spanish Flag and Maori Wrasse.  After lunch we decided to give the GTs another chance and found them holding on every bommie that had the main ocean current pouring onto it, but unfortunately we couldn’t stay connected to any of them! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings our way! Nick: The guys were raring to go this morning after a sleepless night. Once we approached the anchorage the seas flattened and it was game on! That’s one of the many privileges that we have working on this amazing barrier reef, even if the wind is up we are still able to fish very comfortably out at the remote reef systems on all of our tenders. Buzzing around to our first ledge this morning there was definitely no shortage of fish in this area. Stop after stop there were fish present and willing to have a go, which made things interesting with triple and double hook ups not uncommon. After their arms were about to fall off just before the close of play we stuck some minnows out for a troll and managed to get two fat Shark Mackeral and a nice Spaniard for dinner tomorrow, looking forward to that!

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