Marion Reef 17th Aug

Friday 17th Aug Peter: We started of the day with a troll for a sailfish as they are proving to be in numbers around here. 2 fish were raised and we managed to set the hooks in 1 for a couple of minutes before the hooks pulled. We also hooked either a Marlin or a massive Wahoo on one of the big skirts that almost emptied the 30 wide on sunset but again pulled the hooks. In the process we managed to catch a few doggies and heaps of massive Barracuda. The jigs were then deployed and gear got lost we got 1 doggie out and a massive trout’s head but the rest were too big for the gear. The end of the day was spent popping for a GT and we managed to land 2, lost a 25kg and a 40-50kg fish and probably saw another 15. All in all good day’s fishing but luck was definitely not on our side.   Glanville: What an epic day, we started off with a plan to catch a Saily and straight up this morn in 20min we had him up….fought it for a fair while and somehow after ages the hook fell out we raised a bunch more and in between had some doggies come up for the skirts. This afternoon was a hot little Wahoo session and we forgot about the sails altogether getting stuck into the wahoo and in the mix the sail got his bill out we managed to tease him all the way to the boat but couldn’t get him to eat the belly strips we finished up with a double hook up wahoo before we headed back to the boat for some cold beers….what an insane day absolute glass out such good weather little disappointed to be leaving here tomorrow, a gem spot of a spot!!!   Clint: Perfect conditions for the dory to spread its wings this morning as we travelled west to an isolated reef. It was worth the trip as the doggies were vermin and we boated a heap there where also plenty of oversize job fish that wanted to play. As the arvo set it so did the wahooooooo and the reels were screaming with endless hook-ups and  huge jumps. The last hooooooo was a cracker around 40kg. Great way to finish an action packed day.   John : The hounds from the pound!!! Today we found the kennels on Marion Reef, it is just too hard to describe what an experience the guys were treated to as this is straight out the most enjoyable day I have ever had on the water. After deploying the skirts in search of a sailfish we trolled our way along the eastern side of the reef finding a couple of large barracuda before all hell started breaking loose with skyrocketing dogtooth all over the place, the skirts were quickly replaced with stickbaits and minnows and the fishing went off tap, by lunch we had boated 15 or more doggies in the 10 to 20kg range, after a small interlude for lunch it was back into it with the bites slowing down but the size of fish increasing – first a couple of 30kg models found the deck before a couple of monumental bust offs, the stickbaits rolling around the surface were doing the most damage and after hooking up we cast a stickbait out and watched a 45kg fish demolish it before bringing him in for a happy snap, to finish the day off another monster of over 50kg launched on the stickbait and after a tough tussle was bought to the back of the boat and gently released to fight another day, simply an awesome day on the water.

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