Guides Report 17th of April

Clint hits a purple patch!

Clint: First up we went to one of my favourite ledges and straight away we got into GTs. It was a long drift and the whole way along we found a heap of GTs. The fights were tough on the boys with big swell current. David was stoked to get a clunker Coral Trout of 10kg! After that we did some light tackle and hooked some Chinaman fish in shallow water that proved very exciting. The arvo session started with more GTs again hitting small channels on the very low tide. It’s always fun to hook GTs in skinny water like this, although we lost our fair share. Right at the end of the day we found one of those purple patches everyone dreams about! One ledge was going off for a half hour session that was literally non-stop double hook ups, lost fish, jumping fish, this place had it all! The boys were broken, and insisted I have a cast, a nice fish of 30kg followed shortly after. Awesome day had by all and we didn’t even have to leave the vicinity of the mothership!   Peter: Great day on the water today! Where do I start? Our day started off searching for some GTs and we didn’t have to venture far from the mother ship when we found ourselves right in the middle of the action. Venturing into a massive lagoon, there was clearly a lot of action. The water was looking amazing, with heaps of drains and pressure edges!  Unfortunately the ratio of GTs boated to actually hooked wasn’t in our favour today. But none the less there was never a dull moment on board with plenty eating the lures. We then hit the shallows up just before the bottom of the tide and it was going off! We were catching all the standard species you would expect to find with a few triple hook ups amongst all the commotion. The last hour of the day was spent chasing GTs, we managed to boat another on the run in, which saw high fives all round. Mick managed to pick up a cracker long tail and a monster 30kg Spanish just before the end of the day to finish it of with a bang! Nick: We had a change of pace today and light tackle was the name of the game. Heading up into the shallows and drifting along the flats is always interesting in the Great Barrier Reef. Especially when you have to frantically throw the anchor down, and decide whether or not to go after a decent Maori Wrasse that has taken you right into its cave. This was the mission and I chose to accept it! Unfortunately he managed to part the main line on the reef before I could follow it down to retrieve him. Trout, Cod, Stripies, Red Throats and more Maori Wrasse followed. After a leisurely lunch back on odyssey we decided to go for a troll looking for some Spaniards or even a Longtail. These two eluded us, so with that it was back to the GTs! First stop had Julien raising three fish in three casts but for some reason couldn’t get the hooks to stick. By this stage there was enough lactic acid build up between the guys that things were becoming rather difficult and it was time to call it a day. Another fantastic day on the water! Alex: We went on a bit of an exploration this morning but it turned out to be a very serendipitous move. In the process of finding our fishing grounds we got slightly lost but found some gems. I now know what the old gold panners must have felt like! When I saw that first shoal of fusies I wanted to scream eureka! The first few casts raised fish but no bingo. Then we stuck the hooks into a nice fish of 25kg, but boy did it put up a fight. We then had a massive boil behind the lure and we went tight. By seeing the size of the boil I called it for a big fish. It turned out to be quite embarrassing when a longtom popped out of the water! I have no idea how this critter made such a boil but he had some beans about him. We kept drifting along this tasty looking ledge and chalked up a few more notches on the belt for the day. The GTs then went a bit quiet and we turned our attention on scuttling some trout and other reef fish. After we wrangled up some tasty critters for dinner and got smoked by some more our focus was turned back to the GTs. With the flooding tide raging, expectations were high but the fish were playing some mind games. A spritely 20kg fish engulfed a cubera and busted us off and it was the only fish we connected with for the afternoon.  A great day had by all, can’t wait for tomorrow to get right amongst some more fish.  

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