Guides Report 17th of June

Good weather makes for good fishing!

Clint: It was like a milk pond on the water today and the GT fishing turned on quite good. The bait had come to the surface and made the fish hungry! Every ledge we hit there were plenty of keen takers. We had one fish that was about 40kg try to eat the popper multiple times but unfortunately the hook did not set. Over all it was a great day with 8 fish boated and plenty more missed hook-ups there was plenty of action all day for the boys. Peter: The conditions today were fantastic. We set out today with the new guys and they were pumped for some GT action. The plan was to go to a new anchorage in the middle of the isolated reefs. There were plenty of GTs around coming up and following the lures but to get the line tight took some good enticing from the anglers. We managed to boat 5 GTs between 10-20kgs for the day and caught a heap of other good fish in the process. From big Gold Spot Trevally, a clunker Coral Trout, Barracuda, Spannish Mackerel and Sharkey Mackerel, they all hit the deck today. A great days fishing can’t wait to see how the rest of the week pans out!! Nick: With a long run ahead of us today we were very lucky with the conditions which made life very easy. On arrival at our first reef things were looking good with some nice patches of bait and good current. “Come on guys off to the right, nice big cast!” It wasn’t long before we had three poppers hit the water and in succession bang, bang, bang triple hook up! First stop of the day! Working further down the ledge saw a few more fish show themselves but as we moved further down the ledge they seemed to start losing interest. Trying a few different lures and techniques didn’t seem to help much but our perseverance payed off throughout the day. We were visited buy a number of flying mackerel today which is always entertaining! While travelling today we were lucky enough to see a Minky whale which disappeared as quickly as she came. Overall a great start to the week. John: The first step was to run to some fresh ground in dream conditions and life was good with hardly a ripple, once there we were greeted with a nice pressure edge and agitated fusies bubbling the surface. With our finest selection of lures being thrown we never raised a fish which was quite unbelievable, a quick troll produced a couple of shark mackerel before moving to the next reef for a charge at some more GTs! Unfortunately our next few reefs produced plenty of strikes and hook ups but landing them was a challenge, finally we stayed connected long enough to land a 19kg model that put up a good fight for its size and made John one happy fisherman! The rest of the catch was made up of some nice Spanish Mackerel and Sharkies and Gold Spots for an excellent day on the water!  

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