Guides Report 19th of May

Glanny hooks his demon!

Glanville: We untied our ropes from the mothership and drifted away with a fairly steady breeze, I asked the guys what the game plan was and they looked at me as if I were I was stupid….GTs what do you think!!!!! We had a brief look over the google maps and set out for the day. Our plan was to spend as much time in the confines of the shallows and blue holes then head out wide with the later run in tide on the outer shoals. I left the boat with only one goal in mind….to tame a beast!!! We started off well and our second cast was rewarded with a 30kg fish that sucked down the lure like a jelly bean. The shallows treated us very well and we were consistently seeing fish on just about every spot and in every blue hole but due to the weather the fish were coming up to the lures with a serious case of lockjaw, well that was until we had a 45kg fish…yes the beast!!!! Absolutely deliver a popper off the edge of a bommie in one of my favourite blue holes, this fish tore away and peeled line as if the reel were in free spool and ran down checked the drag and it just kept going even whilst I was in flat stick in reverse trying to keep up with it and once we eventually had the fish tamed and the first time we turned its head the hooks pulled out, needless to say I was devastated….We fished hard throughout the day and fish continued to come up but everything seemed inadequate after the memory of the demon from the morning session. The weather died down to an absolute glass out this evening and the guys had a really enjoyable day and Grant managed to catch his first GT ever so a very happy man he is this evening…I dare say his arms will be hurting by the end of the week. Peter: The menu for the day was a bit of everything. With the tide just starting to run out we set off chasing GTs as a first port of call. We saw a few and managed to boat 4 nice GTs before 11am, which wasn’t a bad effort considering the monsoonal like down poor we had during the morning. We then went for a troll along a likely looking edge and managed to pick up a nice Spannish Mackerel, Gold Spot Trevally, Green Jobfish and Sharkey Mackerel. We even managed to pick up 2 Mackerel on the 1 lure which was a first for me. After we had lunch in a beautiful lagoon we decided to do a couple of drifts for some reefies. We caught a few fish from Lippers, Trout, Cod species and Spannish Flag. On the way home we decided to chase some Tuna and managed to pick up a few before we reached the mothership. Great day again bring on tomorrow!!! Clint: Mixed bag of goodies to that was in including the weather. Amongst the rain, wind and sun we managed to boat a variety of fish. GTs, loads of tuna and reef fish. Callum almost found himself on the end of a huge GT on his first cast, but after a few quick runs the hook pulled. The Longtails are thick as they get, and on the light tackle are always fun. Fun day to start the week! John: Today we started off hunting some GTs with the last of the run in and on our second bombie we had a pack attack of about 6 fish climb all over the popper only to miss the hooks 3 times before swimming off underneath the boat. The rest of the morning went very steady as we had a few bites and follows but nothing found the hooks. A change in the game plan of trolling bought everybody back to life with Spaniards, Sharkies and Gold Spot coming in 2 at a time left right and centre and they guys where having a ball!! Then the Tuna started jumping and the decks got bloodied good and proper with Longtails and baby Mack Tuna coming on a regular basis to finish the day off with a bang before the cold beers started flowing

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