Guides Report 2 March 2012 – Glass out conditions

Glanville:- its awesome when a plan comes together!!! I had 2 guys with me today and we set out to catch GTs early while the they were charged up, after a quick session on the Longtail tuna for a warm up we made some casts at a sexy looking pressure edge and I think it took only 2 and we had our first fish to the boat followed very quickly by another 7 GTs before we went on a light tackle fishing mission for a rest…but there wasn’t much resting involved! Every cast produced a fish from Maori wrasse, sweetlips, trout and a bucket full of other critters, I think we ended up catching around 20 trout and even more sweetlips and lost count of all the other species along the way and in just a couple of hours, that’s when the guys were casting, half the time they were in awe staring over the side of the boat at the mesmerising reef just a meter below, and the other half we were just drifting over the shallows talking a load of nonsense as fisherman do so well, we had a little lunch and it seemed as though a spring came back to the guys step so I thought I would put it to good use we went hunting a few GTs for the arv and it was slow to start before I decided to make a move and we started stumbling into some fish, we ended off the day off with around 80 fish including 3 nice maori wrasse and 17 GTs…. Oh did I mention that it was an absolute mirror all day with blue sky and not a breath of wind. An incredible day on the water, when you have glass out conditions like this and the guys actually ask you to take them back cause their arms are hurting then you know you have a good one. John:- straight up today we started with the shallows  and they were no different to yesterday with some beautiful trout and red throat coming on board and another GT eating a small fish as it was about to be lifted out of the water but luckily this time he spat it out and no lure was lost, a highlight was a legal trout and red throat being caught on the one lure at the same time !! With voices over the radio telling us of some nice GT being caught the guys changed their focus for the day and now wanted to catch a GT, after some running around we found a couple of bites in the main channel for a miss and a straightened hook we searched high and low in a tricky part of the tide before finally in the late afternoon we found patches of fish that where happy to commit momentary suicide and find the hooks before being released to satisfy the guys needs for their GT fix !! Peter: What beautiful conditions we woke up to this morning. We started off the day on a hunt for a GT and saw a lot of fish but unfortunately couldn’t set the hooks. With the guys tired of casting we progressed into the shallows and began sight casting at fish it was awesome. We managed to sight cast a nice size Chinaman fish and a GT in half a metre of water on the light gear which was cool as. We then began fishing in around 4 metres of water and slaying the trout and other reef species. The end of the day was apon us and we desided to look for some more GTs with the run in tide. Yet again they proved to be a handful seing plenty of fish but not able to follow through with the goods. At the end of the day we managed to boat a handful of fish and have a ball on the flats. What a day’s fishing!!! Clint: Sensational conditions todays with a light breeze and sun out it is always a pleasure to be on the water. On the menu in the morning was the hunt for GTs and boy did we find some although the boys where finding it hard to set the hooks. Although after  a while the boys found some form and started sticking a few. Scott had a mad hook up on the edge of the reef in a small back eddy hole that was 10 meters deep.This beast came crashing out and smashed the popper it was a bit dumbfounded for a while staying in the hole but when it realized it had to get out it screamed across the shallows in 2 meters of water looking for the deep edge. Driving like a crazy rally car driver I somehow steered us out of trouble and Scott landed the fish after an insane fight that had a bit of everthing you could ask for in a fight. The arvo was all about the shallows and being a mad keen flyfisherman I was frothing from the mouth. Watching chinamen and spango’s cruising in ankle deep crystal clear  water  smashing our lures was insane fun not to mention the oversized red throat that lived there. With 3 GTs for the day and a heap of reef fish in the shallows it was a day full of fun.

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