Marion Reef 21st Aug

Daily Report: Tuesday 21/08/2012  Peter: We set out this morning to chase a sail fish and a couple of Doggies on the troll. We rose 2 sails and hooked one of them only to jump him off. Four Doggies were boated while I was marking up some jigging ground. The first jigs were deployed and we had a double hook up on hounds shortly followed by some good action after that and once again some clearly un…
stoppable fish. The remainder of the day was spent in the shallows with the light gear and chasing a GT on the heavy outfits. We managed to catch a few good trout and lost 2 GTs in the shallows, great day considering the weather!  Clint: Today was a tough day on the water. The fish seemed to have lock jaw in the area we fished.The boys slugged it out and threw everything at the fish to get a bight. Soft plastics trolling jigs skirts popping all for only a handful of fish. Oh well that’s fishing and tomorrow is a new day. Nick:-Heading out this morning with the weather still against us I had Beat and Michael onboard armed with their fly outfits. We headed off for a bit of a troll first up in the morning which proved to be a little quiet but managing to land a small doggie and a mac tuna it was time to head up into the shallows with the flies. Anchoring up and berlying fish to the boat seemed to work pretty well with trout, bluefin and other reef species coming to the party. Beat managed to hook a nice trout that ended up straight back in his hole within seconds, we weren’t going to let this go so easily so I donned the mask and fins and descended to his 7 meter sanctuary and managed to coax him out and in return Beat managed to get a picture with a nice 4 kilo trout.

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