Guides Report 22nd of May

40kg GT on the light gear!

John: With a blustery start to the day we put plans to head to the open water on hold for a bit while we explored some of the sheltered bays for some bangers and where duly rewarded with a nice one coming onboard rather quickly! After this they proved a little difficult to tempt from there hidey holes until the wind dropped after the squall had gone through and we made a dash for the bottom of the reef for a troll at the start of the run out. We were rewarded with an awesome 40kg GT on the light tackle which took about 30 min to subdue and was an awesome catch from Ross who fought the fish like a seasoned professional, the rest of the day was then made up of light tackle for a few Tuna and some reef species!   Glanville: After the flurry of fish yesterday the guys were really keen to get out on the water and with the weather still looking half acceptable we headed out to charge! The main aim was to get Howard his first GT and we knocked that off in the first half and hour with a fish around 24kg. GTs were a little hard to come by early so we hit the flats and had we had a solid Maori Wrasse hooked up but he cleaned us up in the reef in true fashion! We followed that with another beast of a specimen that sucked down a stick shad and left a hole in the water as though a car fell in the water that lasted all of 3 seconds but provided us with plenty of entertainment!!! The rest of the day was really enjoyable and we managed to crack the GT code and put a few extra specimens in the boat along with a few Spaniards and a beast of a Coral Trout that went at least 10kg which sucked down a Koolie Minnow on the troll! The end of the day was spent slaying the Tuna and the sound of a Stella 5000 screaming with Longtails attached is ringing in my ears at the moment!!! Not a bad day in the office… Peter: The wind was up again this morning which was surprising after yesterday. Our plan was to go GT fishing straight up but reports from the other boats we decided to go for a troll. With one of my guys keen to catch his first Spannish the hunt was on. We dropped a double hook up straight of the bat and then minutes latter managed to secure a 26kg Spannish in the boat. Not a bad size fish at all for his first!! We also managed to catch a nice size Strawberry Trout and a Purple Cod trolling in the shallow shoal. When the tide began to turn we ventured into the shallows for a look. It’s safe to say they were going ballistic with plenty of nice size Trout, Sweet Lip, Red Throat, Stripeys, GTs, Wrasse, Tusk fish, Chinaman, Cod species and Gold spots! We hooked some nice size GTs in the shallows but couldn’t manage to get them out of the reef. We stayed in the shallows for most of the day before hitting up the GTs for an hour. We boated three, one of which was 32kgs and had a 45kg fish fully air born on a popper. Unfortunately we lost the monster and a few more good fish in between. The remaining 20mins of the day was spent on chasing Tuna and we managed to catch a few Mack Tuna on our way back to the mother ship. What an amazing day, full of action and anticipation. I can’t wait until tomorrow!!! Clint: I had GT mad guys today and we set off for a big day off popping. It was one of those weird long days where things just did not go our way. Although we saw and hooked lots of fish they did not want to come to the boat and a few bust offs added the day. After all that we managed to get a handful to the boat the biggest was about 25kg.  

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