Marion Reef 23rd Aug

Daily Report: Thursday 23/08/2012 John:- Big day today !! I had the GT guys onboard and they were hungry for big fish so we cast the outside bombies for plenty of follows from trout and bass but no GT, next we threw the stickbaits out t…
o troll to the next reef and where instantly rewarded with a nice doggie. It was then back to casting and we finally managed to hook a GT of around 15kg nice but not the monster we were chasing so the afternoon filled out by casting away with a sole red bass for our efforts bit quiet but 2 new species for Phil so well done Nick: Trolling almost as we left Odyssey today we weren’t going for long before we had hooked a small yellowfin which made it into the esky for sashimi tomorrow night. Shortly after that we had a pack of sailys come up behind the spread and both skirts were screaming off and another was attempting to eat the 200gm stickbait on the short rod! With our hands full already we cranked the other rods in and now dealing with two dancing beauties behind the boat! With both fish onboard for a photo a quick swim to revive them, Darren, Mark and Hanna were super stoked to see them both swim off. Not too much further down the ledge we were into it again doggies, wahoo and more sailys! We had to break for lunch to rest from the chaos. Straight after lunch we headed out again and it wasn’t long before we had more wahoo chaos, with lures getting eaten left right and center and even doggies making an appearance amongst the wahoo and again another saily! Right until the last 5 mins we had wahoo and doggies on our spread! Wouldn’t have had it any other way today. Clint: Coming out here wanting to use the fly rod its really all about time effort and chasing a those few trophy fish .today was the day the big one got away. Dredging in 60meters of water and right on the money a doggie of 45kg decided to eat the fly at the boat. Micheals reels started to sing but in the wrong way after the first screaming run his drag blew out and the backing ran out into to almost nothing only for the fish to smoke us into the bottom in 110 meters of water. It was really the fish of WHAT IF what a reel bummer and the trophy that got away. But all was not lost as in the arvo Beat sight casted to a 12kg GT in the shallows which was a great effort. Peter: Today was all about chasing the big one. We set out on the troll straight up and caught a few little doggies lost a few Wahoo and jumped of a massive bull dolphin fish right at the boat and caught a few other fish such as jobbies, yellowfin and barracuda. It was late in the morning when we stumbled upon a spot that held just massive dogs and we managed to get 1 out of around 55kgs that barley pulled drag on sunset. We then hooked a fish that pulled a bit of drag on sunset and had a 70kg fish at the boat when it got sharked in front of us. The other 5 fish we hooked mad those 2 look like babies. They pulled so much drag on sunset, it was unbelievable and even made myself completely speechless!!! When you hook fish like that and they get to the bottom in 100 metres of water, you begin to think to yourself how big do they actually get? What gear do you need to stop these creatures and all you can do is laugh at the situation while its unfolding in front of you. The last half hour of the day was spent popping and we raised a 30 right at the boat. Does it get any better than this???? Yeah baby!!!

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