Guides Report 23rd of April

Glanny is addicted to Wrasse!

Glanville: Can it get better than it has been the last 3 days? That was my question when I left the boat this morning…. Well let me tell you, it definitely can!!!! Take a seat and make sure you’re comfortable because this is going to blow your socks off!!!! I had Scotty and the film crew with creek to coast, accompanied by Chris and Damon himself. Our intentions were clear today and that was to charge the shallow coral flats in search of Trout and Red Throat. We did that and a little better, we had been fishing for half an hour before we had knocked up 8 species on the flats and it seemed as though the job was done. I decided to move off to another piece of shallow water nearby for a change of scenery and this is when things started to get a little hectic. Scotty started off straight up second cast in the shallows and a GT materialised out of nowhere and demolished his stick shad, after an interesting battle aided by the Suzuki a solid GT was boated. Not long after this he was bent over again this time a nice size barracuda, our day took a turn off the page after this when I noticed a big blue thing up on the shallows and tempted Scotty to fire a cast out… a Maori Wrasse of around 40kg decided that Stick shad was on the menu and the game was on, or was it??? The fish screamed off line and every attempt to keep that fish in safe ground seemed to be in vain and the call from Damon came, “ah this shouldn’t last too long”, well it didn’t!!! The fish beat us in the reef in seconds, where was the faith I thought, then I realised the reality of the situation was somewhat farfetched. The excitement was amazing and this fish was an absolute mammoth of a creature. We continued to fish our way down the reef and things got consistently better and fish were getting caught left right and centre. I spotted a piece of reef down the road that looked like a gold mine and it sure was… We pulled up and first cast a 25kg Maori Wrasse destroyed another lure and once again the coral claimed another victim. I urged Damon to put a medium size lure on a GT outfit and teach these creatures a lesson, or were we just chasing the dream of another Maori Wrasse? The very first cast and a 30kg wrasse came from nowhere and attacked the Stick shad and didn’t hook up! By this stage I was blown away and couldn’t believe the amount of wrasse in the area. I spotted a fish cruising over the shallows and Damon fired a cast out to it and the biggest Maori I have ever seen came out from the reef to come sniff this Stick shad this thing was a beast. Seriously it looked the size of a door! I’m talking 50-70kg it was stupidly massive it had 2 goes hooked up twice and unfortunately never stuck. The amount of screaming that was going on was something funny, this area was unreal and I have never seen this happen before it just got better and better and we were sight casting to giant Maori Wrasse for 2 hours on the flats in about 2m of water we raised over 20 wrasse between 15-70kg it blew me away!!! Embarrassingly we only managed to put 2 fish in the boat around 15kg, a Spangled Emperor of around 6kg and a bucket full of some of the biggest Red Throats I have seen. After this everything seemed inadequate but we decided to go have a look somewhere else and the tide was a fraction low so we hit a few blue holes and turned over some cracker GTs up to 30kg things got a little more interesting and Scotty decided to catch a GT on a butter knife and it worked!!! It seemed everything we did was a winner. We fished for GTs for a little while and it seemed like every cast produced a fish, we ended off the day with Damon getting a 40kg GT on an ice-cream in a double bending situation to describe the take in words is just impossible this fish looked like a submarine emerging from the depth in a flat out war, except angrier!!! What a day, both myself and Damon said that it was one of the most memorable fishing experiences we have been lucky enough to witness, the amount of Maori Wrasse in 2m of water on the flats was just unbelievable I can’t stop thinking about it and think I’m going to be seeing blue fish in my dreams tonight, I’m a wrasse addict at the moment and GTs are taking a second place tomorrow, I think I may have the recipe for these creatures can’t wait to hunt them tomorrow!!!! Alex: Today was light tackle themed. After smashing GTs all week the guys were broken and wanted a rest. Unfortunately that was not what they got, the flats were firing! We spent most of the day drifting mad shallows catching all sorts of critters. One meritorious capture was Brett nailing a 28kg GT on the light gear in 1.5m of water. This thing played up like a second hand lawnmower in the shallows and gave us a nice show. We sight casted a few more fish, one was a beast of around 35kg that ate the baby goby and proceeded to ruin Christmas. Then we moved into a beautiful little area of lagoons and flats with deep holes and gutters running like veins through the shallows. We spent the next few hours catching fish after fish and losing some nice ones. Chinaman, Trout, Red Throat, Spangled Emperor, a couple of Wrasse that didn’t play the game and some other fish that were unstoppable. A lovely day spent enjoying the unsung hero of the reef, flats fishing. Peter: Today was mostly about fishing the flats. We went in first thing in the morning and the fishing was pretty hot. Catching all your usual fish you would expect to find on the shallows. The Red Throat Emperor were clunkers and there were some nice size trout in amongst all the action not to mention an 8kg flowery cod. We then went out and had a quick session with the GTs and managed to pick up 5 in a short period of time. Another great day out on the water today!! Clint: Great conditions again today and the boys were keen for more GT punishment. From the get go it was on for young and old with plenty of fish landed and lost for the morning session. We took a chill pill around lunch and dropped some plastics off points getting some nice trout and small Maori Wrasse, while also getting smoked from some bigger specimens. The arvo was back to the GTs and it started where it finished off, though this time we fished a place littered with bombies the action was fast and furious. Where else would you want to be?  

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