Guides Report 23rd of May

Triple bending on the 40kg Bombie!

John: Today was all about catching big fish! The guys were keen to tangle with some big GTs today and with the breezy conditions it was going to be an all out mission. First spot we stopped at produced 3 fish with 2 of them around 25kg mark, great start! From there we battled some pressure waves to fish some awesome ground but only had a few bites before heading to the infamous 40kg bombie for the last of the run out. The current was folding over the corner like magic and 3 poppers went flying ! Double bending straight away before the 3rd angler cast back in and had a nice fish of more than 30kg crash the popper next to the boat TRIPLE BENDING!!!  What came next was a touch upsetting first fish found its home after peeling a good 50m of line second fish found the floor of the boat 8kg, and 3rd fish fell off after a tough 10 min battle,  oh well that’s fishing the guys said. Glanville: What a cracker of a day we started off catching fish and never stopped, not even the breezy conditions or the rain bothered my guys and it just came together. We caught a variety of fish today mackerel on the troll, a few GTs on the edges and in the shallows, a flats session that would have blown anybody away we caught at least 20 trout that’s not to mention the amount of mixed fish including some beast Red Throat. We had a few Wrasse come up for go but ended in tears with the light gear and topped the day off with another carnage troll session double hook up on Spaniards was par for the course and put the cherry on the top with a nice dogtooth tuna on the troll gear….Bugatti reef delivering the goods once again!   Clint: It was a mellow start to the day the boys really didn’t know what they wanted to do so we just went with it. We popped for GTs first up and raised a few fish. Then we hit the flats and caught a handful of Trout. I asked the boys if they wanted to catch a species they hadn’t caught and they really wanted to chase the big blue balloons or Maori Wrasse as you might know them. If anyone thinks a GT goes hard get yourself on one of these trucks and you will know what real pulling power is about. What happened today was the craziest blue balloon session I have ever had! I found some ideal water and the first monster Ross hooked pulled the hooks and we lost him. I actually think we would of got that one as it was in clear water, talk about bummed. The next fish Pat hooked went easy at first then put on the gas and went back into his hole. NO CHANCE!  After those two fish we hooked six more unstoppable beasts, they were popping our 100pound braid like cotton. We were back at the mother ship by lunch with no lures left and the boys broken. This day the blue balloons got the better of us. Peter: Today was all about taking it easy. The guys wanted to be back by lunch time and just do some trolling and hit up the flats. We managed to catch a nice size Spannish on the troll and a few gold spots. We then ventured into the shallows and smashed the fish again. Some of the quality fish amongst it all was Chinaman, Gold Spots, Trout and hooked a clunker Maori Wrasse. It turned out to be half a day of good action.

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