Marion Reef 24th Aug

Daily Trip Report 24/8 –  Peter: Great conditions out on the water today and so was the fishing. The day was all about boating a massive Doggie. First pass in the spot we’ve been seeing big fish we hooked 3 giants on the 30 wides that were simply unstoppable and somehow they all found the bottom in over 100 metres of water in no time at all. We did manage to boat two 50-55kg fish for the day and a…
nother 20 between 8-25kgs. Some of the other species caught were Wahoo, yellow fin, Barracuda and Mack tuna. What an awesome day out on the water, cant wait to get the giant in the boat!!!  Clint: Another day on the fly today and another day of serious bust ups. We hit the wahoo up hard today and had 8 legit shots at big fish in the 20kg to 30kg range that were all hooked solid. All I can say is having sound equipment when chasing big bluewatwer fish is a MUST and today the boys got blown away everything that could go wrong did go wrong. We did manage to get one wahoo of about 10kg and to top the day of Beat hooked a big GT of 35kg that was sightcasted in the shallows that mowed his fly down only for his fly lune loop to break. A day of heartache for me. Nick: trolling today in search of the madness we had yesterday again. We were hoping to see those sails again but to no avail unfortunately. While working the area from yesterday there were considerably more yellowfin in the area which made for some interesting sport. Fish around the 20 -30 kilo size are great on the light trolling outfits, and somehow managed to stay away from the sharks while the doggies and wahoo on the other hand were finding it somewhat difficult. The sharks have seemed to congregate over the last few days with all the chaos going on in one area but still managing to get fish out here and there. Hooking a wahoo and then casting stick baits out to provoke these aerial attacks is always entertaining.

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