Bugatti Reef 24th July

Tuesday 24th July Damon: We moved north today to a new area, and started around the outside edge of the reef, seeing one fish quickly, but were then distracted by some very special looking blue holes, but no fish were sitting waiting… We went back on the outside edge and found some awesome looking shallow bays with the tide pushing into them. These shallow bays were where the fish were hiding, and we had a great morning session on 20-25kg GTs, with one over 35kg nailing a stickbait at the side of the boat and failing to hook up, but the take was truly incredible. The shallow bays made for spectacular action, and we lost a lot of fish, but managed to land about 6 GTs for the morning. The afternoon started with a bang as well with the outgoing tide on a long shallow ridge on the other side of the reef, we landed another 6 GTs with a couple of nice 25-30kg models. The guys were a little broken by this time, and it was back to a nice calm anchorage to watch the sun settle over the horizon with a beer in hand.   Peter: On the move to a new anchorage today and we had a full run in tide for the morning session. We saw a lot of fish including 2 around the 30kg mark. Right on the turn of the tide I found a drain that had the potential to be a fish high way for GT”s moving through on the turn of the tide. We found ourselves there right on queue with masses of GT”s travelling through the channel. Amongst all the action only 1 of those fish was boated. The afternoon session was spent in a couple of blue holes and on the outside edge. The blue holes both had fish in them but it really proved not to be our day today with actually boating fish. By the end of the day we managed to boat 7 fish, the biggest for the day went 22kgs. Another action packed day, keen as to get them tomorrow!!!   Glanville: We changed anchorage today in the hope for greener pastures and we started off fairly well with our first spot showing and few fish but we never managed to get the hooks to stick. We continued on and managed to see a few more fish but the current wasn’t really doing exactly what we wanted it to so we sniffed around a few different reefs and found 1 spot that had a lot of fish but unfortunately they didn’t seem to be getting too excited. We continued onto the anchorage and found a gem of a spot which started off with a double hook up and we got a few awesome flying mackerel before we decided to call it a day.

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