Marion Reef 26th Aug

Sunday 26th August Peter: It was the first full day’s fishing with the new group of guys today and the morale on the boat was very high. The plan was to head west to a section of reef that hasn’t been explored much as yet and the thought of going to unfished ground was getting everyone pumped. As soon as we got out there the rods were deployed and it was a matter of minutes before we had ourselves the first doggie onboard the boat. The fishing was red hot with bulk dogtooth, yellowfin tuna and Wahoo going ballistic.  In the distance I could see two frigate birds circling way up high and it definitely got my attention. As they were hovering over the 200m drop off we switched from minnows to skirts. As we approached it was clear that something amazing was about to happen. The two birds were circling a tight balled up school of rainbow runner and as the skirts were trolled near them a sailfish came up on the back skirts and missed. Then Doggie after doggie all over the skirts, some of the biggest ones I have seen out here yet. We set the hooks in two 40kg models and a Wahoo clipped the back skirt before we could get a triple. On the way home we stopped at an isolated bommie and caught a few trout and job fish. Awesome day’s fishing and what a way to start the week!!!   Nick: well first day with the film crew and we were looking for some action for the sport fish DVD crew. Trolling around the outside looking for doggies and wahoo which were very elusive until just after lunch when things started to fire up somewhat with doggies crash tackling our lures in the spread, with one on the go we had AB casting a Sebile stick shadd 182 in the front of the boat and he got absolutely demolished  and also somehow managed to get the fish out amongst the sharks! Good effort for AB on his first fishing trip ever nicely done! Weather was an absolute cracker today and also looks good for tomorrow was an awesome day to start the week off.

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