Marion Reef 27th Aug

Monday 27th August Clint: It was a real mixed bag of fish out here on the Coral Sea today. We got wahoo, cudas, all types of tuna, doggies and reefies. The place seemed to be really alive. First drop back of the lures this morning we got monstered by a huge doggie. The thing ate the lure before the bail arm could be closed it sure did get messy and after a short fight the big fish was lost. Maybe the most notable capture with all the fish we caught today was a wahoo of 30kg. After the blistering runs Anthony’s reel touched his body and he sure did get a fright from the burring spool. All this great fishing was before lunch. The boys were happy to take it easy in the arvo. My type of day.   Nick: Looking for the mayhem we encountered last week was on the cards today and we searched high and low. We managed to raise a few nice doggies up to the boat for a picture early up. With the trolling bite slowing down we decided to start some serious jigging so Ben and I had learnt from our mistakes yesterday and I managed to put together some wind on leader out of 400lb in hope that this would give us a little edge over the beasts that were tearing us to shreds yesterday. The leaders were standing up the test but the sharks beat us every time. Benny managed to hook two nice doggies which got sharked right at the boat unfortunately. I managed to land a stonker strawberry trout of around the 10 kilo mark which was definitely a highlight for me today. Still a little slow on the jigs but hopefully we have saved the best for last with tomorrow’s fishing ahead of us.   John:-  After running up to the north we were all eager to get into some trolling and it didn’t disappoint, straight off the bat today we had a solid 25kg wahoo in for a happy snap, the day just seemed to cruise away after that with fish coming at regular intervals doggies to 25kg with the average size being around 15kg, another wahoo made an appearance in the afternoon before an unstoppable decided it wanted our skirt more than we did and buried us 65m away on the bottom. The highlight of the day was seeing a free jumping black marlin in front of the boat and immediately deploying another skirt which it jumped all over straight away, the blessed thing must have tried eating the skirt 30 times without getting the hooks in which was frustrating beyond belief but awesome to watch at the same time, another glamour day at Marion with our last one coming tomorrow stand by for a big day !!   Peter:  Awesome weather today it wouldn’t have gotten over 10knots. We started off on the troll for a Wahoo and came across a couple of patches but unfortunately couldn’t boat any. It didn’t feel as fishy as usual up the top end so I decided to leave to chase some sails on an inside shoal. As we were approaching there was activity everywhere. All the signs were good and we rose 9 sails, one pack of 3 and the rest individuals in 2 hours. We set the hooks in 3 but with some unfortunate tackle failures we lost them only to watch them jumping off into the sunset with our skirts in their mouths. After that  we dropped the jigs for a bit only to get blown away so we left that idea. The last hour was spent trying to catch some doggies and we got 1 of 60-65kgs and one of 45-50kgs. Some of the other species caught throughout the day were yellow fin, Mack tuna, jobbies, rainbow runner and Barracuda. Great day to be out there!!

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