Marion Reef 28 Aug 2012

Peter: We departed the mother ship this morning to fish Marion for the last time this year and it was a great way to finish. 5 sails were raised and a baby Black but unfortunately they proved too hard to set the hooks. Heaps of massive jobbies one of which we weighed and it went 27 pounds which is a cracker fish. Plenty of doggies and Wahoo got boarded and of course Barracuda. It was such a pleasure to fish such pristine untouched water that gives you a true sense of exploration let’s hope it’s not the last time we visit such an amazing place!!!! Nick: Leaving yesterday with the film crew again looking to close our segment on trolling and jigging. The seas were up on the outside edge which made things difficult but with some perseverance out there we managed to land a nice wahoo before returning to the shelter of the lagoon. The swell is considerably less in the lagoon which opened up a spot for us to do some jigging on the isolated bommies, Ben managed to pick up a nice 15 kilo doggie on the jig and this time managed to get it away from the sharks! Filming proved difficult while jigging so we started to troll again hoping to raise a saily or wahoo. As the day came to a close I was saddened to leave Marion at the thought that no one nor I will never be able to come back here if the current zoning structure goes ahead with its plans to turn Marion into a green zone. Well here’s hoping I’ll be lucky enough to return to one of the most pristine fishing destinations in the world! John:-  Today was our last day at magical Marion and we were hell bent on catching a billfish of some description after a solid 4 hours of trolling nothing had raised on our skirts except for a couple of nice doggies in the 10 to 15kg range. We changed positions in the hope of raising something and that we did first we had a solid black come up behind the short skirt and as we started pulling the shotgun in we came tight to a solid sailfish out of nowhere!! As this was unfolding the black marlin smashed the skirt  and immediately got airborne all 200lbs double bending sailfish and black marlin!!!! What the f…… After some tense moments both fish fell off their hooks and we were left distraught but still pumped to experience something special, after another hour trolling and raising another 2 marlin it was time to wave goodbye to a special place that is Marion Reef

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