Oh Bugatti! Glanny’s best ever day’s flats fishing with 4 monster Maori Wrasse

Glanville:- What a day!!! Started off at 5:30 with a quick workout on the front deck of Odyssey while the sun rose over the horizon…Blissful a tasty breaky and onto a glass out ocean with a boat loaded with 3 Brazilians whose English wasn’t all that great but an entertaining bunch of guys, we set off only to go through a solid road block of yellowfin tuna which ended with 3 light tackle rods bent over the gunwhale in screaming fashion…. It just seemed to be our day and after landing a few tuna we miraculously drifted into a dynamite looking pressure edge… down with the light outfits and game time with the GT gear, first cast for the morning and double bending, we got a good fish to the boat and pulled the hooks on the other, we continued chasing the tuna and giving the odd popper a go for the GTs in between. We went to a new area of reef and the pressure edge was getting me excited when I saw a shoal of gar shimmering on the surface, triple bending, a solid gt, big goldspot and opened the splitrings on the other fish, I think there may have been 2 fish on the one lure, as soon as the lures hit the water they were destroyed, don’t know how the goldspot got the invite to that party!!! The guys were a little tired so we opted for a change in tactics and went the light gear in the shallows…it was going off and to date one of the best flats sessions I have ever had, in 3 hours we boated at least 60 fish, everything you could think of, had a trout get airborne on an popper, an 8kg Chinaman in a meter of water on a 30lb outfit, it screamed drag off still can’t believe we landed it we also got blown away by 4 beast Maori wrasse, managed to put a good 12kg specimen in  the boat on the light gear which was a good effort…all in all a mad day fish on a glass calm pond!!! Peter:  What a glamour of a day it was out there. I had guys that were GT mad today and after the end result it makes me wonder if only I had them yesterday!! We moved anchorages today and got the opportunity to fish some outer reefs due to the magical weather. But it was as if someone turned the switch off from previous days. We managed to get 2 nice size GTs to  the boat and hooked and saw about a dozen more. I finally managed to convince the guys to have a crack at some good size yellowfin on the way home and they had a blast catching them on the light gear right at the end of the day. All in all a tough day for GTs. Tommorow will be a different story though!!! John-  The weather today was just amazing with barely 5 knots of breeze and 3 mad keen anglers raring to get into the action it wasn’t long before we hooked into some longtail  tuna with one managing to make it past the sharks it was a cracking 10kg fish,  the fishing was quite steady after that with not a lot happening for a few hours before we landed a nice GT in some pretty nasty shallow country, following our little interlude for lunch we chased the yellowfin around the ocean for a while catching a couple of nice ones to about 5kg, after this the tide started to run in which meant it was time for a full on GT assault and taming a nice 30kg model kept the mood on the boat pumping, next a large GT nailed a popper and screamed off close to 100m of line before settling down deep,  after 20min fighting we lifted a foul hooked 30kg fish into the boat for a quick happy snap before sending him on his way,  a couple of spanish mackerel to finish off a fairly quiet day that still had a good highlight reel.

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