The best trip of my lifetime – Tydeman Reef & PCB

Helen and Claire,

Well it’s been a few day since I’ve been home and I had a chance to digest the trip and I have to say it’s been the best vacation of my life!!!!  It’s difficult to put my finger on my favorite part because it was all amazing. I feel it’s my responsibility to list everyone by name and tell you what a great job everyone did:

Sam: What a knowable captain and he made us feel safe at ALL times. His knowledge of the reef and running boats is very obvious. He is a major asset to your business, not to mention he is a damn nice guy!!!

Gram: His cooking is beyond greatness! No lie. I have to travel many miles to experience cooking like that and he was extremely personable. I will be back and I can only hope that I get to enjoy his passion for preparing good food again.

Eva: WHAT A GEM!!!! This girl is a natural and we all loved her. She was always there asking if we needed anything at all times and is a major asset to the boat. Her personality is contagious and she always has a positive attitude.  

Andy: He may be the funniest guide that I have ever fished with (and I was a fishing guide professionally for ten years) and don’t let me fool you he is SUPER skilled. We had the opportunity to fish with him for one day and he made it a memorable one for us.  

Mitch: This kid is the real deal!!! He is VERY knowable in the respect that he knows how to read that water and reef and how to fish it. He has never fished these reefs before and I felt like he has fished them for years.

Jordan: This guy makes everyone feel comfortable with his gift of gab and his knowledge for fishing. It’s so easy for me to see the passion he has for guiding and teaching people his trade.

The other guests: They were great to spend the week with. Fabio and his son David were great to be around even though we weren’t able to communicate due to language barriers. David and Greg were GREAT guys and some pretty damn good fishermen as well. These two were easy to get along with and made our trip that much better

Final thoughts: I can only think of one thing that I would do differently but I don’t think it’s for every trip. Your crew made us feel SOOO much like family that it was a bit of a let down that we didn’t get to share our meals together. I felt that we were put on a pedestal and was more important than the crew but we just wanted to be closer to them. These people are special individuals!!!  

Henry and I had spent about 29 hours traveling back to the US and I had a smile on my face the whole way home based on my EXTREMELY AMAZING experience.  I am 39 years old and have traveled the world quite a bit and I can honestly say this was the best trip of my lifetime.  I can only hope it can be duplicated.


Jeff Wallace

Tydeman Reef & Princess Charlotte Bay Ultimate Adventure – 23 February – 2 March 2019

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