Where’s Nomad Sportfishing Going? The next 10 years

Well, it’s not quite a daily post yet, but weekly is a good start. I’ll work my way down from here!! Something that a lot of people ask me about is where is Nomad Sportfishing going next? You could take this in one of 2 ways and consider where we are physically going to take Odyssey and fish, as the next new location, or you could take a broader view and consider where we are looking to direct Nomad Sportfishing from a business point of view. I’ll discuss the latter here briefly, because you can see on the website that we have trips to Claremont Isles and Ashmore Reef as 2 new and might I say incredible locations for 2013. Nomad Sportfishing has been running for over 10 years now, and our aim has always been to provide anglers with a unique, enjoyable, relaxing and thrilling fishing holiday. Something that allows you to escape from the everyday stress of life and just worry about fishing and absolutely nothing else for a whole week, or more. Some of the places we are able to visit with the mothership are really very special, and are places that you simply can’t access any other way. This in turn means that the fishing is generally on another level to what you might find in a location that recieves even light pressure. Our vision for the future is is to concentrate on the huge expanse of incredible fishing along the Queensland coast, from Ashmore Reef in the north, all the way 2000 kilometres south to Frederick Reef in the outer Coral Sea. As it stands right now, there’s more amazing locations than we can fit into a calendar year. Everyone at Nomad Sportfishing loves fishing, but even more than that we love to take people to experience the incredible fishing, scenery and locations that we get to see on a daily basis while oiut on trips. Rather than try and expand into more motherships and more locations, we want to focus on making the kind of small improvements to the operation that make everyone;s trip just a little more special. Things like upgrades to Odyssey, to add more comforts while onboard, better fishing boats, which we have pretty much achieved now with 2 x 25ft contenders and 3 x 18ft ocean whalers. We’ve just implemented a new outboard motor change over program where all of the boats have outboard engines that are no more than 750 hrs old on them at all times. In fact we have 3 new outboards being installed next week. We want to make sure the guides you are fishing with, and the crew on Odyssey are amongst the best in the industry, and we have achieved this in the past through effective training and selecting the right people. I’m clearly biased, but I believe we offer one of the better fishing charter experiences available anywhere in the world, and when everything aligns and the weather is great and the fish are biting, i know that the fishing that anglers experience on a trip is as good or better than anything else in the world. I’ve spent enough time fishing around the world to know this is just a fact. We fish in the largest and healthiest marine ecosystem on the planet, so when it happens on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea, it happens in a BIG WAY. However, you can have the best fishing in the world, but you need to be able to access it with relative ease, note I say relative!!, and you need to be able to go fishing in comfort, have great food, great guides and a comfortable warm dry place to sleep at night, oh, and of course cold beer on tap. We’re all about making sure that we do everything we can to ensure that every trip runs perfectly, and making sure that we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the experience that we offer to anglers coming on a trip. We’re always open to feedback and ideas on ways to improve things, so if you’ve been on a trip somewhere else and seen something that you think we should be doing, please never be scared to email or call us and let us know about it. We’re all about constantly improving and getting better at what we do, and we’d love to get feedback from everyone out there about what you want and what you’d like to see us offer or do. That’s probably enough for today… until next time I sit down and get 10 minutes spare to write something As we now say, hope you all have a catch in the near future!   Damon.

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