Winner $2000!! prize pack from the 10th aniversary Nomad brithday comp

Gday Team Nomad, I have done 3 Nomad Trips as a guest & a couple as crew onboard your fantastic vessel Odyssey so I do have heaps of very fond memories (along with very sore back & arms!!!!). I have been fortunate to experience THE VERY BEST FISHING, I believe, the world has to offer, particularly for the style of fishing you guys have become experts in!!! I also love letting every fish swim away in good condition but hopefully as tired as I am. [sws_picture_frame1 src=”” title=”” alt=”” align=”sws_frame_left” lightbox=”1″ album=”album” video=””] [/sws_picture_frame1] There have been sooooo many awesome experiences I have had during your charters from plague proportions of 30kg+ wahoo, to record numbers of Giant Trevally (including my PB of around 40kgs) & not to mention your old foes, the sometimes unstoppable Dogtooth Tuna. This brings me to my favourite Nomad memory that involves my PB Doggie!!!! It was at Camp Kenn 2006 & Damon was skipper & Ed was deckie onboard the 36” Blackwatch. It was a bit of a slow morning & Damon decided to try something different. Trolling nomad stick baits along the reef edge!!! After several Red Bass & Jobfish, Damon was working an area in about 60m when we were confronted with a pack of hungry Doggies smashing our surface lures. We had caught a couple of “smaller “models (between 20 & 40kgs) when it was my turn on strike. From the strike Damon knew we had a good doggie hooked up but this fish did nothing out of the ordinary until Damon said the words “Kyle, right about know you need to say he is not that big & he will grow a bit”. Never a truer word spoken because I had only said the words “he is not that big“ & the 100lb braid started smoking off the Stella 20000 on a heavy drag setting. This fish pinned me against the gunwale for the entire fight but after a while we got the upper hand & boated my PB Doggie of around 60kgs. After a couple of awkward photos (trying to hold this beast up with Ed) we swam the beast & set him free!!! The fight was captured on film & is on the Nomad wed site under the heading “Doggies on the Troll “. I watch it regularly to keep the memory fresh!!!! Please find attached a picture for your perusal. Keep up the good work & as Arnie would say, “I’ll BE BACK!!!!” Cheers, Kyle Hodge

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