Fishing Tackle

Please feel free to bring your own fishing tackle with you on the trip. If you are using our gear, it is included for an additional cost on the following basis:

Fishing gear that is included (rods and reels)

Each guest will have a variety of  rods and reels for use on all of our trips, including spin gear for popper fishing, light jigging, light tackle trolling and light tackle lure casting. We also have multiple gimble belts/cushits onboard each boat for guests to use. We have chosen the absolute best gear for the job after years of testing every reel and rod combination available and we are confident in supplying you with high quality gear that will perform perfectly when the fish of a lifetime is connected. 

Onboard tackle shop

All the tackle we recommend to bring will be available to purchase onboard during your trip. You can simply fly in, step onboard and go fishing safe in the knowledge that all the very best tackle available will be on hand for you to use for the trip. You can ask us to send you the tackle shop prices, or simply check them out at our online store: before you come out.

Additional costs for lures and terminal tackle

We ask anglers to pay for terminal tackle and lures used because this is such a variable cost from trip to trip and it is very difficult for us to factor this into the pricing. We believe this system is much fairer for all guests. Onboard our vessels, the skippers and guides will have all the lures and terminal tackle you need for each day. This will be professionally rigged and ready to go when you get onboard every day. Whatever tackle is used or lost will be added to each guest’s tab throughout the trip according to the following guidelines:

  • Any new lure used (deployed overboard) will be paid for by the guest using that lure. That lure is then the property of the guest first using the lure, and they are welcome to keep it at the end of the day.
  • Any trolling lure which is lost from a shared trolling outfit supplied by Nomad Sportfishing Adventures, will be put onto the account of the person who was on the rod when the lure was lost. If you are trolling with shared trolling outfits and pick up a rod that happens to get busted off by a fish, then that is your lure. All trolling lures used on personal trolling outfits will be charged to the guest who owns that outfit.
  • Any line lost from our reels due to bust offs or reefing will be put on the account of the person who lost the line. People will not be charged if line is simply changed because it is old.
  • Any rods or reels that are broken or dropped overboard will need to be paid for by the guest. Any line, rods or reels lost will be paid for at our cost price. All tackle will be noted down each day by your guide and placed on your onboard tab sheet that evening. You will then have to settle your account at the end of the trip via credit card, or cash. While every effort is made by our crew to ensure this tab is accurate it is each guest’s responsibility to monitor this tab and ensure the items recorded are correct. We suggest initialing your account each evening to ensure it is up to date.

What tackle should you bring?

The easy answer is that you don’t need to bring anything if you don’t want to. However, for those wanting to bring their own gear, or purchase from our partner retail store, here are the rods and reels that we recommend.

Rods and reels

  • GT popping outfit with a 7’8-8ft GT popping rod matched with a heavy GT spinning reel with 100lb Pandora Braid or Nomad Hollow Core Braid. Suitable rods would be a Wilson Venom PE8-10, Ripple Fisher GT79R, 78 flex or Yamaga Blue Reef 78/8
  • GT stickbat outfit with a 7’10″-8’2″ stickbait rod matched with a similar GT spinning reel with 100lb Pandora Braid or Nomad Hollow Core Braid. Rod suitable would be Ripple fisher Ultimo 79MH, Ultimo 79H or GT79R
  • A lighter Spin outfit with 65lb braid matched with an 8000 or 10000 size reel, the rod should be a PE5-6 rated spin rod between 7-7’6″. This outfit is used on the shallow reef flats to give you a better chance at landing the bigger fish that tend to bust us off on the 40lb outfit, and also to cast the mid range stickbaits that work well in these areas.
  • A lighter spinning rod with a 5000 size reel, 40lb braid, matched to a 7-7’6″ casting rod. Rods we use for this job are ether a Yamaga Blue Sniper 70/4 or a 75/4.
  • Another lighter 20lb spin rod with a 7ft casting rod is also sometimes useful for night fishing from the mothership for a bit of sport.
  • Our light 40lb spin rod can be used for Micro jigging, but we recommend to bring your own PE 2 micro jig rod in either spin or overhead with thin diameter 30lb braid such as Nomad Design Pandora Braid in 30lb. The range of Gomoku jig rods are ideal for this and are well priced.
  • Trolling outfits and gamefishing rods and reels are all provided, and there’s really no need to bring trolling rods on your trip unless you want to.

Lures and gear

For lure recommendations specific to each location please check out our online store –

Top 5 must have Lures for every Nomad Trip

  • Nomad Chug Norris 180 – 120g
  • Nomad Madscad 115mm
  • Nomad Riptide 155mm slow sink
  • Nomad Riptide 200mm float and sink
  • Nomad Gypsy 80-120g jigs

Light Reef Casting Lures – we recommend single hooks fitted to all lures

  • Nomad Madscad 115 stickbait
  • Nomad Riptide 155 slow sink and 125 slow sink
  • Nomad Maverick 140
  • Chug Norris 120mm 45g popper
  • A selection of larger 5-7″ soft plastics with 1/2oz-1.5oz jig heads on strong hooks capable of fishing 50lb braid

Heavy GT/Mackerel/Tuna Casting Lures – we require single hooks fitted to all lures

  • Nomad Madscad 190 in 140g and 160g
  • Nomad Chug Norris Popper 120g
  • Nomad Maverick 133g and 140g versions
  • Nomad Riptide 175g for a larger floating surface bait
  • Nomad Riptide 200 float or sink
  • Nomad Madscad 150 – 75g
  • GT Ice Cream 5oz
  • You will need a selection of hooks – Owner Jobu 9/0, BKK 6X jig hooks in 11/0 and 12/0, Shogun Viper singles in 9/0-10/0 and a mixture of split rings in the #10-#11 category, or the swage size L

Micro Jigging

  • Nomad Design Jig range from 20g – 320g will cover all requirements for jigging
  • The Gypsy, Buffalo and Streaker style jigs are perfect.
  • A selection of other metal jigs in the 30-120g size
  • Assist hooks need to be strong enough to be matched with your Micro Jigging outfit, and pre rigged assist hooks are recommended

Heavy Jigging & Soft Plastics

  • Nomad Design Jig range from 20g – 320g will cover all requirements for jigging
  • The Gypsy, Buffalo and Streaker style jigs are perfect.
  • A selection of other metal jigs in the 90-300g size range
  • Aselection of soft plastics in the 7″ size range matched to 2oz and 4oz jig heads with serious strong hooks
  • Assist hooks need to be strong enough to be matched with your Jigging outfit, and pre rigged assist hooks are recommended. Hooks such as the Shout 7/0 power assist are ideal for heavier jigging


  • #8wt outfit with WF floating line
  • A heavy #9wt and #10wt outfit with a tropical floating line with a clear sink tip, also an intermediate sinking clear line
  • #15wt shorter heavy rod for GTs. If you want to tease and switch GTs or have a go at a serious big fish, you’ll need this. A fast sinking line is ideal for this outfit
  • Bring plenty of spare lines!
  • For the ideal selection of flies, please email our resident fly expert Gavin Platz at Tienfly outfitters. Gavin has guided for many seasons with us and knows exactly what you will need for your trip

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